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OpenRA July 2014 Release!
July 23, 2014 - 06:53
The latest stable release of OpenRA is now available. OpenRA is a RTS game engine that comes with 3 mods that recreates (and improves) Red Alert 1, Tiberian Dawn and Dune 2k. The July release is a small improvement of the latest playtests that were released. When compared with the previous June release, here's a small changelog:

- The RA and TD game music can now be downloaded and installed from the in-game music player.
- Capturing enemy structures in RA and TD will now let you build units from their faction.
- The maximum tech level can be configured in the lobby options.
- Fixed a number of crashes that were introduced in the last release.
- Fixed issues that occurred when installing from CD.
- Improved performance and memory usage.
- Improved scroll-panel behaviour.
- Added an option to lock the mouse cursor inside the game window.
- Multiple players can now repair a building at an accelerated rate.
- Added engine support for diamond-shaped (“isometric”) terrain (an important milestone for the upcoming TS mod).

The complete changelog is available at their wiki.

Now you can build enemy buildings and units when you capture an enemy building.

Head to the official OpenRA website in order to download it and play it. Have fun!

Doom Desire 2014 Update
July 22, 2014 - 13:46
And again, over half of a year has passed since the last news update of Doom Desire. This time i worked solely on Vintarids, although everything took me much more time than i thought it would...

Some people always held the belief that an advanced civilisation can't be malevolant or stay in a permanent state of war, as otherwise it would destroy itself. "Our space brothers" were supposed to have left all wars behind them long time ago.
When they finally came, the truth ended up worse than nightmares created by Hollywood. Not only they seemed to deliberately torture and torment humans, but they were also proven to be impervious to gunfire, as if bullets went through them. Some even started to believe that the invasion is just a grand-scale illusion and everyone is just hallucinating.
Still, for all but the most delusional ones, it was very clear that humanity just became an endangered specie.

Vintarid Rethan Assimilator Hovering slightly above the terrain, Rethans sweep over the ground with their tentacles, absorbing energy from any living being that comes nearby. They are also capable of absorbing Crystalline.

Vintarid Kerzer Frayer Kerzer is the main ground infantry support unit for the Vintarids. Very durable for their appearance, they are still expendable and should be expected to see in large numbers.

Vintarid Dedara Retriever Ever since the Vintarids appeared, people in remote settlements started to disappear, never to be seen again. Few of those that remained told stories about trees that grew up during a night, only to disappear few days later, with whole families gone missing.

Vintarid Cleaver With the Vintarid assault came strange meteorites that either exploded inair, razing everything below, or fell to the ground where they grew a strange, tentacle-like appendage.

Vintarid Base Defences Retaking locations conquered by the aliens proved to be a task that only Essence is capable of, but even for them, it's not an easy one. Not only the aliens always seem to be aware of any incoming attack, they are also impossible to take by surprise. Any attempt to assault their position ends up with the attack force stopping to respond to orders, and either vanishing forever, or turning against their former allies.

There's also a video of them in action.

For the end, I decided to post some WIP civilian units, but untextured for now (just so you know how many of them are planned).

Until next time.

After two years of hard work, Public Beta 5 is finally released! After lots of hard work, there has been an incredible amount of work done to Twisted Insurrection since the release of Public Beta 4 back in late 2012, the mod is almost unrecognizable from all of it's previous releases and feels much more complete and polished than ever before. For all downloads, installation instructions and information etc. Please head on over to the official Download Thread here on Project Perfect Mod!

- What is Twisted Insurrection? -
Twisted Insurrection is a stand alone modification of Tiberian Sun, meaning you don't need to own Tiberian Sun to play. The mod features a completely new in-depth story-line which puts you in an alternate timeline where the Brotherhood of Nod were victorious during the first Tiberian War rather than GDI; After the Brotherhood used the Ion Cannon to destroy an irreplaceable monumental structure, the Global Defense initiative lost all UN support leaving them in total disarray. This is where our story begins.

Along with the complete overhaul and replacing of the original games graphics and having it's own all new soundtrack, Twisted Insurrection brings you all new units, infantry and naval forces to command as either The Brotherhood of Nod or the Global Defense Initiative in both singleplayer and multiplayer missions along with all new structures and base defenses to build as well! The mod also introduces the GloboTech corporation and contains all new campaigns for both GDI and Nod, plus some additional bonus challenge missions and several hidden maps so there is always plenty more to play. TI also features all new game-modes such as Survival, Twisted Dawn and Checkpoint Mode and has over 100 multiplayer maps to play either online or in skirmish mode.

Do you have what it takes to drag the shattered Global Defense Initiative out of ruin? Or will you crush all who oppose the will of Kane and his Inner Circle? The choice is yours commander.


- Public Beta 5 Features -

Public Beta 5 features a huge handful of new things to offer to the players, both singleplayer and multiplayer! The new client created by Rampastring and shared with Dawn of the Tiberium Age allows preset starting locations and teams, similar to how the game is set up in Yuri's Revenge, missions have been reworked and many, many more have been added to the mixture, new game modes and much more! Small handful of some noteable features are:

  • Windows 8 Support
  • All new Skirmish/Online set-up Options
  • Completely Standalone (No CD/TS Required)
  • A new in-depth story-line
  • Completely revamped graphics
  • Additional Skirmish Modes such as Twisted Dawn, Survival and Checkpoint
  • Over 40 new single-player campaign missions
  • Over 100 new multi-player maps
  • Smoothest ever game-play
  • Excellent online game-play
  • Official CNCNet Support
  • All New Units
  • All New Structures
  • Enhanced Skirmish and AI
  • Custom cinematics
  • An all new Original Soundtrack
  • Over 1300 changes since Beta 4!

Please note that this is a Public Beta and not a final release, meaning that bugs and errors are a possibility. We are always looking for feedback and thoughts from the fans and the players so if you have any thoughts, ideas or want to report any errors you have come across, please feel free to share them with us! Thank you, and we really hope you enjoy the mod!

As many players from Generals, Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3 reported today, the official online gaming service for these games is no longer functional.

But don't worry: you can still play these games online. It's time to move to C&C: Online. The online replacement for GameSpy that is officially supported by PPM.

And it's not hard to do that. All you need to do is to follow the video guide below from Sybert:

You can find out more information about it at C&C: Online Official site, as well as download the launcher there.

Fo those who use GenTool, just be a bit more patient, since its compatibility with C&C: Online is being worked on and it should be sorted soon.

OpenRA Playtest-20140709 has been released. This is their first july release candidate and they are expected to release an official OpenRA version in this month. This version includes some interesting changes, such as:

- The RA and TD game music can now be downloaded and installed from the in-game music player.
- Capturing enemy structures in RA and TD will now let you build units from their faction.
- The maximum tech level can be configured in the lobby options (TD only in this playtest).
- Added an option to lock the mouse cursor inside the game window.
- Fixed a number of crashes that were introduced in the last release.
- Improved performance and memory usage.
- Added beacon images for the RA spy plane, paratroopers, and parabombs.
- Multiple players can now repair a building at an accelerated rate.
- Added engine support for diamond-shaped (“isometric”) terrain (an important milestone for our TS mod).

Beacon images for RA spy planes, paratroopers and parabombs.

Head to OpenRA's official website to download the latest playtest. The full list of changes compared with the June release is available at their wiki.

By the way, if you paid attention to the list of features above, you might have noticed the diamond shape 'isometric' support, that should be used for their upcoming Tiberian Sun Mod. Here's a picture of their progress so far:

The main problem with the full game download pack of the C&C95 v1.06 patch has always been the lack of videos. Well, two years after the last patch release, this issue is finally addressed.

The downloads section of the ModDB page of Project 1.06 now contains video packs for English, French and German. On top of that, the addons section has video addon packs which can be added to the game on top of the main videos pack, which allows the game to switch videos as you switch to a different language.

One of these video addon packs, notably, is the Spanish one, made to accompany the Spanish language pack. It contains subtitled versions of the English videos, created by wolfstain:

More information can be found in the news article on ModDB.

Ares 0.7 is available
July 03, 2014 - 20:09
Hello guys,
today is Ares 0.7 release day! Ares 0.7 fixes a few memory issues that were affecting all operating systems, but that had a habit of crashing on Windows 8. They all have been fixed, so this Ares version is more stable than ever. Of course, there are also some new features, like the customizable score screen graphics and themes, and several old ones like the Drop Pod and Hunter Seeker super weapons. Another bunch of features is related to the Cyborg Reaper's Splits missile logic, which has been implemented in Ares, and which needed Ranged and ProjectileRange to be implemented as well. It's all there, and now it is possible to recreate the Cyborg Reaper's missiles in YR (not the net-thrower weapon, though).

There are lots of more small features, like better support to create landmines, prevent units from scattering when repaired by a warhead, treat civilian units as enemies, and custom airstrike voices. You'll find them in the documentation, which has a new What's New page where you can easily see what features were added recently. Even if it does not show bugfixes for the original game, there were some of them, too. The inefficient aircraft smoke lookup has been replaced by a new system with customizable smoke animations and probabilities. And of course, lots of internal Ares code was updated. The Migration Guide in the manual lists only one item, and this time you need to take no steps to upgrade.

Regarding the documentation: It is in a transitional state. The table of contents got longer and longer and items on the same topic were spread over the entire length. This will hopefully be sorted out soon. As of now, the search feature will no longer display formatting texts, but almost only the pure text you see on a page. This should make it easier to find the right page.

That's it for today. Happy Modding!


World Domination: July Update 2014
July 03, 2014 - 01:37
Good day Commanders and Comrades! Announcement for World Domination for July 2014 Update!

Introducing Nexus Carrier, a mammoth vessel that carries up to 3 Nexus Fighter.

Destroyer that comes with Anti-Submarine Helicopter. Destroyer is very well against enemy naval force and is more resistant to incoming torpedo attacks.

AEGIS Cruiser is one of the best anti-aircraft vessel out there. Armed with lethal AA turrets designed to take enemy aircraft with ease.

Riptide LCAC --- Hover Transporter that carries Allied units across the water whereas they can't access it via ground. Riptide LCAC is very fragile and must be protect with unit inside or all the units inside are lost if Riptide LCAC gets destroyed.

And Lastly, Hero dog named Rocket. This hero unit who works with a Promeniemt German Commando named Leon Strauss during the World War 3 from 2027-2037. Rocket is exceptional dog, unlike other common dog that you will see on the battlefield. Rocket have higher speed, comes with designator laser on his left side of face to call in airstrike for hard-to-kill targets, bullet-proof armor that makes him more resistant to death and lastly, he is implanted with resortative nantite that replinishes any wounds he recieves during battlefield that keeps him performing at highest peak.

Also, shifting from Enhancement System to Research System. I've thought about this for a while. The Enhancement System that I initially thought was to limit the players' choices to 4 and only can be placed on Conyard. But issues arises, so I switched to Research System.

What is Research System?

Research System has an Atom-Shaped Symbol on top-left corner of the cameo, which provides permanently upgrade to your force. There is unlimited amount of upgrades that players can have at a time, you can choose to research all, some, or none. However, keep it in your mind, those players who research technologies will have edge over their opponents who don't research.

Example of Research Array System
--- Look at the sidebar ---

A typical Research Technology will cost around $1000 to $3000 depending on how strong these will give buff. You can say that  Research that cost $1000 will give a buff to weak units or T1 units while a Research that cost $3000 will buff strong units / T3 Units or it gives strong upgrade. Additionally, Researching technology will always take x3 of the normal time it takes to complete.

As a good commander, acquiring research will give you edge over your opponents which plays critical role in turning the tide of battle in your favor.

Lastly, I'm seeking for SHP Artists who can create Structures, Infantry for Allied / Soviet / Civilians/Animation exclusively for World Domination Mod.

Want to help World Domination become the best and fun mod to play? Give this mod Feedback, Suggestions, Ideas!

Want to join World Domination Team? Apply here! Freelancers are also welcomed!

That's all for the news, Commanders and Comrades! *Salutes*