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The Launcher interface above has most likely become quite familiar for you in the last few years. In 1.11 it was used not only for checking updates and making it possible to download custom components, but it also allowed you to change some important compatibility settings needed for running DTA on some systems. In 1.12 it has so far remained necessary for checking updates. Until the next update, that is.

With the next update, DTA's client will get a huge update. You no longer have that old Launcher interface requiring an additional click before you get in-game, but instead its functionality has been moved into various other windows. One of them is the changed options menu:

As you can see, the custom components and update settings have been moved to the options menu. With the next update we're also introducing the new Renderer option, which replaces the old, hardcoded Windows 8 fix which forced on Windowed mode as well as the possibility of disabling DDraw hardware acceleration on Windows XP. This new option makes a large difference especially for those of you who use Windows 8; now you can use the TS-DDRAW renderer, which improves performance significantly compared to the old Windows 8 fix and also makes it possible to play in full-screen mode. For more information about the Renderer setting, please read the following blog post:

You might also notice that a few options in the Audio section have changed. The next update seperates Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn tank cannon sounds from each other, so that RA tanks use RA cannon sounds and TD tanks use TD cannon sounds. Now you can also customize which game's building crumble sound to use (the sound that is played when a building is destroyed). In testing some people found the RA cannon sounds annoying, so if you prefer the old way of Allied and Soviet tanks using the TD cannon sounds, you still have the option for that.

The next update is going to be the largest single update for DTA 1.12 yet. As such, it naturally also includes a lot of new things in addition to just technical updates. In particular, single player missions are coming back, with some new missions as a bonus. We'll detail our single player missions in a seperate news post when we actually release the update later this week.

If you played The Toxic Diversion in DTA 1.11, you already know that our missions are generally fairly challenging. Unless you're extremely skilled in classic Command & Conquer, you're going to need to save and load the missions a couple of times before you finally manage to beat them. As such, our new client naturally supports loading saved games directly from the external menu; you don't need to start a skirmish game to load a saved game anymore.

We've also changed the name of DTA_Launcher.exe to just DTA.exe. That means that your possible desktop shortcuts aren't going to work anymore; you're going to need to create new ones. We apologize for the inconvenience; we aren't planning to change the filename again in the future.

The largest update for DTA 1.12 so far, which will be released later this week, contains a lot of other changes in addition to the improved client and single player missions, including ones requested by the community. One such change is that skirmish settings will now be saved. Some CnCNet reliability issues have also been fixed. We'll detail all the significant changes and all our single player missions in a seperate news post when the update is finally released.

Until then, have fun crushing your human and/or artificial opponents both online and in skirmish!

Ares 0.6 has been released!
April 03, 2014 - 22:11
Today, a new version of Ares has been released. For those who doesn't know, Ares tweaks the game executable from Yuri's Revenge adding features for modders and fixing bugs. Here's the official words from AlexB on this 0.6 release:

Hey guys,

Ares 0.6 is out! If you have followed the development, it will hardly surprise you that 0.6 is a service release and does not contain as many new goodies as the previous ones. Many features were updated internally, but several glitches in the game were fixed also, like GIs in Battle Fortresses jamming Tesla Coils.

The new features can't be easily grouped under labels like "cloak", but some are related to each other. For example, CellSpread has been enhanced quite a bit, and it is now possible to make buildings only be hit by the same weapon once. So if you use warheads with obscenely large CellSpread values way beyond reason, that will work nicely and buildings will no longer be affected once for every cell of their foundation. No surprise there, is it?

That's almost all for today, and I think it isn't relly news to you. Maybe next time. If you had hoped for more: I also got the limits out of Sight.

See you soon for 0.7. Until then: Happy Modding!


Here's the changelog:

Release notes:

Ares 0.6 is a service release focusing more on internal changes and improved stability than features.


- CellSpread enhancements
- Factory built by certain country Prerequiste
- Aircraft Carriers and Destroyers can cloak now and gain experience from their Spawns
- Tech Buildings can be returned to the Neutral country if owner defeated
- Exploit of Battle Fortress jamming charging defense structures fixed
- Helicopters can be made to animate their rotors if hovering in air
- Many minor fixes

And that's, it. Download Ares and get modding. You may also use Ares's forum at PPM to provide your feedback and discuss the next direction of the project.

Colony Wars - March 2014 Updates
April 02, 2014 - 07:14
March has been a buggy update for Colony Wars, Literally.

Showing some planned units for the Colony...

The Roach (Alternate Main Battle Unit) ,Scorpion (Elite Infantry) & Pillbug (Suicide Unit)

A Preview of the Standard Main Battle Unit of the Colony the Soldier Ant. Brutish Giant Insects that take alot of damage and aren't pushovers in confrontations.

Hatchlings. Which function as the Colony's Building Survivors and impromptu Combat Infantry.

The Swarm, Slightly mutated angry gnats.

That's all for now... Excelsior.

Hello ladies, gentlemen and everyone else. Today is the day of the year where I can be more sincere in the news and less carefull about posting predictions. Afterall, if I'm wrong... look at the date, ok? I do have an insurance for lies for the next hours. I am not a seer and nobody else is, so, I'm sure that a part of the content of this news might not eventually become true or could be a distorted vision of a reality.

Command & Conquer is the franchise that inspired the rise of this site and has the games from our best mods here. So, we do have a special care for this franchise here. The latest interesting release from this franchise was the expansion of Red Alert 3, Uprising. Then, things went downhill with Tiberian Twilight (which even became a swear word for the last community manager) and this Free To Play service which was aborted a couple of months ago, with the whole team behind it being dismissed.

Back in Gamescom, I had high expectations for the last C&C game, although I had some doubts about the success of its monetization. I've even told Alex06 that we could meet again in Germany next year. Well... a game being aborted with the whole team dismissed can change my opinion. I'm gonna be honest, Command & Conquer is dead. There is no way it will be successful at the hands of EA anymore. And there are a couple of reasons for it:

1) Command & Conquer is successful only as Real Time Strategy. There were attempts to bring other genres to it. They've all failed, although Renegade was fun. They did not sell well at all and several studios were closed due to that, with their staff dismissed.

2) Real Time Strategy games are restricted to PCs. Does anybody play the XBox 360 version of Tiberium Wars? Does anyone remember that there were C&C3 and Red Alert 3 for mobiles? Is there anyone still playing Command & Conquer for Nintendo 64 or Red Alert Retaliation for Playstation? I think the answer could be yes for a very restricted group of people. RTS games requires you to select a group of units, scroll the screen and issue order into groups. At least one of these 3 tasks will provide issues for touch screens, stylus, joysticks or any other interface. And PCs... are going downhill as a gaming platform, just as the success of the newest Microsoft Windows operational systems. MacOS and Linux machines doesn't have the same amount of gamers as Windows PCs yet.

3) Microtransactions on Real Time Strategy games are polemic and ruin these games. And believe me, EA is no longer satisfied to sell a box of a game and its expansion every year. Games with this kind of policies doesn't provide the same profits of pay to win free to play games of other genres. EA might no longer be willing to spend millions of bucks on this kind of game anymore.

So, that's it. It's just a matter of time until disappears. Several traditional C&C sites are abandoned like Planet CnC, CnC World and Command & Conquer: Filefront or totally dead like CnC-Source, CNCDEN, RADEN. One of the few exceptions at the english community is, which will eventually get bored of posting news about Renegade-X only. The mod community is still alive, because modding is fun and challenging. But they will eventually become a smaller isolated ghettos unless they successfully expands into other things.

The closest thing that could be called at this point a C&C game under development is OpenRA, which will soon feature support for Tiberian Sun resources and some of its mechanics.

Fans of real time strategy games should rely on games like Starcraft 2 which can be modified with its map editor and 3dsmax. Another game that is looking to be promising and, maybe, remind Command & Conquer in several aspects is the Grey Goo. It should bring the mechanics from C&C and even Tiberium will be there... with another name and style, of course: as molecular nanotechnology that is out of control self-replicating bots as explained in Wikipedia.

It's too early to know if Grey Goo will be successful or it will become dust like many other Petroglyph products.

Anyway, what we can conclude here is that, if you are thirsty for more RTS games, you'll either have to look into user made mods or beyond the scope of Command & Conquer games. That doesn't mean that EA may not try to produce another C&C game, but the chances of success are minimal, if it exists.

Hello everyone, specially Tiberian Sun modders. Today is a happy day, a very happy one. One of the bugs that haunted me for years when I modded Tiberian Sun is now history... at least if you download and use the latest HyperPatch v0.3, created by CCHyper. Here's his words on it:

Second official release of the HyperPatch project. This version contains a fix (hopefully) for the bug that has plagued many modders for years and years, the "Orca Transport" bug.

Bittah has tested this feature of the new patch, so many thanks to him! But I would appreciate any feedback, and will try to fix any arising problems as soon as possible.

So, the changelog is as simple as stated below:

; ***** PATCH INFORMATION 0.3 *****

- A human controlled AircraftType that is able to carry passengers would get it's target cell
corrupted, resulting in the Aircraft never landing. This is now fixed.

Anyway, if you still mod Tiberian Sun, what are you waiting for, to download it? The download link? Oh yea, of course, here it is:

- Download HyperPatch v0.3.

For more information and support, use the HyperPatch Forums. Enjoy it!

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age is constantly being updated recently. The latest patch, has received an important set of fixes for the CnCNet multiplayer, according to Rampstein, one of the staff there. Here's the official post about it:

^Rampastein wrote:
We just released a small update containing some important bug fixes (especially for CnCNet multiplayer) and a few other changes.

  • Added: You will now see a splash screen while while the launcher is loading (Credits: Rampastring).
  • Changed: The refinery will now look like the TD or RA version depending on the faction you're playing as (Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Changed: The "Sandpit" multiplayer map will now expand after 15 minutes instead of after just 3 minutes (Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Fixed: The Allied/Soviet Mobile Construction Vehicles used the image of the GDI/Nod version since the last update.
  • Fixed: The starting positions and teams of different human players would often get switched after starting a game (Credits: Rampastring).
  • Fixed: The Allied and Soviet AIs will now build the Rifle Infantry and Rocket Soldier again.
  • Fixed: An incompatibility with a CnCNet server update prevented you from joining or hosting games whenever you'd change your user name (Credits: Rampastring).

As usual, grab it via the Launcher and enjoy crushing your friends in properly working multiplayer again!

Use their own launcher to update your copy or download the latest version and have fun!

Hello everyone! The staff from The Dawn of the Tiberium Age have been constantly updating this total conversion that brings Tiberian Dawn and red Alert 1 to the same battlefield in the lastest months. Today, Bittah Commander, the mod leader, has shared the changes that were done in the latest 1.12 versions in the quote below:

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age version 1.12 has been released over just 2 months ago already and quite a few updates have been released since then, including the update to version 1.1228 that was released today.

I'll quickly summarize the most important changes after version 1.12:

- Many performance issues have been fixed, which caused the game to slow down, crash or even not start at all.
- Small issues on a number of maps have been fixed.
- More changes to make DTA's classic mode match Tiberian Dawn even more closely have been mode.
- Many balance improvements have been made, which make battles between different the factions more fair and enjoyable.
- Players used to be unable to join hosted games on CnCNet, unless it was the first game in the list. This meant that if someone hosted a game after you hosted one, nobody would be able to join your game anymore (this is one reason why some players ended up waiting for hours for someone to join, with no one ever entering it).
- Alliances wouldn't be set up properly when you'd attempt to play with more than 4 players in a single team.

Today's update to version 1.1228 includes the following changes:

- More balance improvements have been made.
- All Red Alert units now use voices and weapon sounds from Red Alert (the light infantry and rocket infantry still used American voices before), while the Tiberian Dawn units still use their original sounds. All tanks currently still use the firing sounds from Tiberian Dawn, although you can replace these tank firing sounds with the Red Alert variants via a checkbox in the options menu (this option will also change the sound you hear when a building is destroyed to the Red Alert variant).
- All factions are now able to repair their aircraft on the Repair Facility (Allies and Soviet weren't able to before). The game engine actually only allows aircraft to be repaired on a single Repair Facility, so to get around this, all factions now build the same Repair Facility and its graphics will either look like the Tiberian Dawn or the Red Alert version depending on the faction you're playing as. As a side-effect you can now see a Red Alert Repair Facility in a GDI base for example and it was also necessary to make Nod able to build the Repair Facility as well.
- It turns out that the King of the Hill mode wasn't properly playable because the timer only functioned when playing as Allies. This has now been fixed, so if you've tried this game mode before and it didn't work, please give it another shot.
- Because of a small error in the launcher's code, Soviet would never be picked whenever you selected Random as your faction; this has now been fixed.
- Capturing construction yards or refineries of other factions should no longer make unclickable grey icons appear on the sidebar.
- You can no longer play as Allies or Soviet in Classic mode; you can still select them, but this will now make you start as either GDI or Nod with a Red Alert sidebar; the Red Alert factions have a huge unfair advantage in classic mode after all. This is a temporary solution until the option to select the Red Alert factions is completely removed whenever classic mode has been selected.
- The multiplayer map "Perilous Islands" has been added, which can be seen in the image below. This map is unique in the sense that you purely need to rely on ships and aircraft in order to win the match and also capturing islands in order to boost your economy. The AI will be a tough opponent on this map as well.

The Change Log contains a more specific list of all changes.

As you can see, quite a few changes have been made in these past 2 months already, so if you've had issues before and you haven't updated recently, try the latest version and chances are that your issues have been solved. If not, please don't hesitate to report them (whether they're performance issues or gameplay issues) and we'll fix any issues that are within our power to fix, as soon as possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the latest version and share your comments about it at the mod forums.

Colony Wars - February 2014 Updates
March 02, 2014 - 17:40
Somewhat busy, been trying to learn 3D through blender now. No work done of my own yet... but we'll see if I can tough it out.

First comes the Allied Stuff...

The Allied Gun Turret has received a new... or old look once again.

Allied Kennels are a new structure which much like in RA1 trained Dogs. This case this one trains the Allied Attack Dog. (Which are amphibious)

Next comes the Soviet Stuff...

The Soviet Dog Pound functions much like the Allied Kennel providing the Soviets the means of training their Canine Soldiers. This Building also allows the Elite Corp Sub-Faction to train Chitzkoi.

The graphic update on the soviet counterpart. War Dogs may not have the capacity to swim but they are armed with a specially made Flak Vest granting them more endurance in the battlefield. Aside from that they are armed with Amplifiers that allow them to project a powerful bark that can stun and deafen enemy infantry (and rarely pop their ears killing them).

Last comes the newly renamed Yuri Faction, The Syndicate.

Reaver Bikes are light assault vehicles armed with Mortar Tubes & Machine Guns. Cheap and easy to amass expect these road warriors to fight on.

And introducing the Buzzsaw. The Buzzsaw replaces the Reaver Bikes for the Chaos Cell. Heavily Armored and amphibious the Buzzsaw isn't no slouch in combat. Like all Grinder Units they can lock enemy units in place as they rip them apart. True to their common motif. Grinders have special canisters inside that detonates delivering toxic gases similar to those of the Virus.

That's all for February.


For more information about Colony Wars, a modification for Yuri's Revenge that brings back the big ants from the first Red Alert with a reinforced arsenal, among other things, head to its official forums.