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OpenRA Playtest 20150524
May 24, 2015 - 18:35
It has been a month of busy development at OpenRA. Time to get back to testing!
The major changes this time around include:
  • A whole new in-game map editor, with many benefits over the old editor.
  • Improved system integration with openra:// server join URLs. Give it a try from the live server list!
  • Implemented production building upgrades that unlock additional technology for Dune 2000.
  • Several enhanced classic missions have been added to the Tiberian Dawn mod.
  • In the Red Alert and D2k mods you will now be notified upon encounter of enemy units.

Unfortunately, an oversight in the way that the developers packaged our windows installer meant that the performance of the previous Windows release-20150429 builds was much worse than it should have been. It has been fixed for playtest-20150524, so Windows players should find the game runs about 30% faster!
Also general performance improvements have been integrated that affect all platforms. Kudos to RoosterDragon for his continued effort to optimize the source code.

The refined system integration adds a lot of convenient features:
  • Hardware cursors will now work more reliably on Microsoft Windows.
  • On Mac the dialogs won’t hijack finder and the dock icon won’t get lost upon restarting.
  • Linux AppStream compatible software centers will now show a nice preview.
  • Double-clicking an .orarep file will now directly start playback of the replay.

OpenRA's new in-game map editor took over a year of development time, and it was worth it!
  • It is truly cross-platform as it uses the game UI; finally a map editor on Mac OS X!
  • No more rendering glitches. Almost WYSIWYG editing, because it re-uses the game renderer.
  • Support for all file formats, i.e. voxels, isometric terrain and Dune 2000 sprite actors.
  • You can now keep an overview of installed custom maps and delete them in the same menu.

Click Extras - Map Editor from the main menu in any mod. To all enthusiastic mappers out there: Your feedback is invaluable at this stage. The legacy OpenRA.Editor.exe will be removed in the nearby future.
Great news for tinkerers. You can now use voxels in your own mods and maps. See the updated trait documentation. The Lua API for mission scripting has also been enhanced while OpenRA developers proceed to implement remakes of the original campaigns.

More details and links to pull request can be found on OpenRA's changelog page.

You can find the installers for a variety of supported operating systems in OpenRA's download section.

Please report problems on OpenRA's bug tracker. There are plans to do a new stable release based upon these changes soon.

Keep track of your thirdparty maps from OpenRA Resource Center
and delete unwanted ones in the updated map chooser.

One by one the results of the student project to import the original Tiberian Dawn missions is integrated.
Thanks to the THM course instructors for their creative teaching methods.

The on-going quest to finalize the Dune 2000 mod has reached a new milestone
with building upgrades which re-create the original tech tree.

The in-game map editor is also a vital part of OpenRA's Tiberian Sun support initiative.

I currently don't have the time to thoroughly test the mod for balancing issues or other problems I might have overlooked, so I've decided to release a PPM-exclusive* beta playtest of Tiberian Dawn Xtended. This version lacks a soundtrack and adds only two new (caribic Smile ) maps compared to OpenRA's version of TD, but gameplay-wise it's close to what the first non-beta release will look like.

I'm always open to suggestions and welcome every bug/balancing issue report, of course.

To install, simply put the tdx folder found inside the .zip into the mods subfolder of your OpenRA installation (where the mod folders of OpenRA's official mods are located as well).

This beta requires the latest OpenRA release (20150424 at time of writing).

Download it here.

*not counting github, where you can find it here:

World Domination News Update #1
May 01, 2015 - 05:08
Hello Commanders and Comrades. I have exciting news that I will be sharing with you today. As the World Domination Team are working silently on updating the artwork, including revamping some of the voxels into a cleaner and cooler looking vehicles, such as Phantasm, Sabertooth MBT, Rhino MBT,and Chinook. We also pumped out some new voxels such as Pelican Drophsip.

But not only just voxels, We also were working on creating new models to give both Allies and Soviets side their own unique structures. We also are aiming to change all the vanilla buildings into more futuristic and grimy style. Also U.S.A will be reciving new siege unit to replace Nova Siege Platform, and the new siege unit is called "Jackhammer." It basically have the same weapon from Nova Siege Platform, however now it has functional deploy mode which will enable Jackhammer to use Hypersonic Artillery shells. The Jackhammer itself can be dangerous and is a mobile tactical artillery for U.S.A with the capability to deploy for longer range and heavier damage.

Please stay tuned in for monthly news updates. New structures and artwork are expected to come as well first phase for AI testing in the next couple months.

OpenRA Release 20150424
April 24, 2015 - 22:16
We are very pleased to announce the Spring release of OpenRA, the Open Source Westwood Studios real-time strategy games engine re-implementation project.

This release a huge step forward for the Dune 2000 mod in particular. It includes just shy of 1000 commits by 53 contributors, the culmination of six months of relentless work. With more than 2000 files and 210,000 changed lines it is one of our busiest development cycles to date.
A large development focus has been on the Dune 2000 mod, which contains the most visible changes. A new sidebar, sandworms and Carryalls are the big new features, which should make any Dune 2000 player feel more at home in our mod. Additionally, the OpenRA.Utility now supports importing maps from the original Dune 2000 game, so we hope that the number of maps and of course the number of players will increase in the near future!
The other mods were not neglected, though. In Red Alert, the standout feature is the support of playable factions such as Russia, England, France, Ukraine and Germany. In both Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn, new single-player missions are available that will keep you occupied.
Of course, we have not only improved the mods themselves. Here is a list of changes that affect the game in general:

  • The server browser shows and allows joining games from any installed mod.
  • It is now possible to disable the “short game” mode that was forced in the past.
  • The player name and colour can now be set up in the settings dialog.
  • When creating a server, the game informs the host about port forwarding issues.
  • Left-click mouse orders have been markedly improved.
  • Some missions now support difficulty levels.
  • A huge number of smaller gameplay fixes and improvements, including:

    • Friendly units blocking the exit of a production building will now move out of the way if needed.
    • Units will no longer hunt cloaked units.
    • The spy plane in Red Alert will no longer lure your anti-air capable units across the map.
    • Planes will no longer collide with helicopters and push them out of the way.
    • Your faction will not be revealed to enemies when you have selected a random faction in the lobby.
    • In sell mode, the tooltip will now show the expected refund value for structures.
    • Harvesters should now no longer block themselves at refineries, and also make use of all available refineries if the nearest ones are occupied.

  • A similarly massive number of performance improvements have been made in this release.
  • Many race conditions and crashes have been fixed across the board.

For the complete list of changes, please visit our changelog page.
A note on key bindings: In the previous release, the key to toggle team chat was changed to ‘Alt’, which, looking back, was an unfortunate decision. It has been reverted to ‘Tab’ in this release, where it serves a double role: on an empty line, it toggles team chat, otherwise it auto-completes player names.
For modders and mappers, there have been quite a few important changes as well. We have introduced a new map format, to which maps running on this release will be updated automatically. All of the shared engine code has been moved into the OpenRA.Mods.Common project, so that third-party mods can drop their dependencies on our game mods. A lot of code has been changed to enable features that will be needed by the Tiberian Sun mod. One important change for Red Alert mappers is that the gem mine has been replaced with a new one. For more details, check out the changelog, as well as the trait and Lua API documentation.
Looking forward, we hope to get the next release out faster than this time around (famous last words!). Feature-wise, you can probably expect the first appearance of the in-game map editor in the next release, in addition to much of the things that are currently in our pull request queue. Beyond that, we will see… If you want to keep track of the development, keep an eye on the release milestone and the development changelog.
We will also try to make more use of our YouTube channel to show off new and little known existing features, provide mission walkthroughs and other content, so watch and subscribe!
Now enough with the talking! Head on over to our download section, grab the installer for your OS, and enjoy the game!

The long awaited sandworms and Carryalls have finally arrived in our Dune 2000 mod!

Red Alert now has playable country factions, and matching choices for random faction selection.

The server browser now lists games from all available mods, and also allows joining games across mods.

Some missions have received support for multiple difficulty levels.

In sell mode, the tooltip will now show a structure’s expected refund value.

Behind the scenes, the still unreleased, work-in-progress Tiberian Sun mod has received support
for some crucial features. Keep an eye out for more news and media about TS on our Facebook page!

Twisted Insurrection 0.39.1 Released!
April 23, 2015 - 01:13

So, What's New In Version 0.39.1?

Twisted Insurrection 0.39.1 features a long list of changes and additions, some of the most notable changes are large alterations to the balance and functionality of a number of units in the game, mostly made based on the input from our fans and players. Here are some examples of some notable changes based on public input:

Nod Mission 16 and [8] The Finale have been modified greatly to vastly improve it's overall performance on a number of systems, it should now run lag-free for players on all kinds of operating systems and machines.

Cyborg Reapers have been entirely revised in terms of their weaponry, they still maintain the split-missile logic, but are more effective against ground targets and have been vastly improved for their role as an anti-aircraft Cyborg, their anti-aircraft weaponry is now faster and more effective than before, making them much more useful than they previously were. Speaking of Reapers, their new theme song, Reaper Raid, is also a part of the update!

Alarm Sounds from various units and structures have been completely erased due-to complaints that they were irritating after a while, which all of us on the TI Team came to agree with quite a long time ago, you will no longer have to listen to some annoying alarms whenever there are enemies within the vicinity of your base.

Many new Base Props have been added for our well-recieved Base Props mode, these include faction-specific light towers, light posts and banners. Currently in 0.39.1, only Nod are able to construct banners due-to us running out of time, but GDI versions will be included in our next update.

An annoying problem that caused the game to crash in some instances while playing the Ultimate Insurrection game-mode has also been fixed, this error was caused by too many units flooding the sidebar overwhelming the engine's limitations causing the game to result in internal errors. This has now been fixed by disabling some of the Tech Units available in the game modes.
We have also fixed this error on a few of the other new game modes, including a new game option for the skirmish menu that gives you the option to disable Tech Units entirely, entirely optional of course.

The Twisted Insurrection Client has also received some improvements and updates:

∙ FinalTI now saves maps listed as Custom rather than Standard in the game mode dropbox
∙ Hyperlinks can now be clicked in chat sections
∙ Incorporated followed game icons to CnCNet lobby
∙ Added new game option: Disable Tech Units
∙ Fixed a bug that caused the tray icon to sometimes linger after closing Twisted Insurrection
∙ Added icons next to faction selection options
∙ Improved client handling when checking for Administrative rights

The Client has been thoroughly tested and confirmed that previous bugs found in the last version have been eliminated, though new ones may still linger, there are none that we are aware of, so this is good news!

Those are some of the most important changes to the gameplay since 0.39, but there have been many more, both major and minor, adjustments to the gameplay too, including new additions to our Soundtrack, graphical adjustments and more overall gameplay changes, incluiding improvements and bug fixes to our campaigns. For a complete list of changes, check out the 0.39.1 changelog here.

Downloading Twisted Insurrection 0.39.1

To Download Twisted Insurrection 0.39.1, simply run the Twisted Insurrection client and accept the update once the notification of 0.39.1 being available pops up, the client will automatically begin updating your version from 0.39 to 0.39.1 and provide you with a link to the changelog so that you can familiarise yourself with the changes while your version updates.

If you are one of the few people that seems to have problems downloading the update via the client, all of the links to version 0.39 have been updated to include the complete version of 0.39.1, so you can simply redownload the complete ZIP archive instead.

Download Twisted Insurrection 0.39.1 Here!

Twisted Insurrection can be downloaded here directly from ModDB, alternatively, you can download Twisted Insurrection 0.39.1 from our website.

Thanks for reading ladies and gentlemen, and we apologize again for the delay on this update, we know we claimed that it's release would be sooner than this, but unexpected delays are always a possibility. Have fun!

Hello everyone. We've officially moved Project Perfect Mod forums to the address Project Perfect Mod is currently a community that has a complex of sites which includes the PPM Home Page, PPM Mobile Page, PPM Forums, PPM WebSVN and all its hosted sites and projects listed at the PPM Network section at the right side of the PPM website.

For those who were still browsing, you may have one or other cookie problems during the migration, but it should be quickly fixed once you browse more often. If you are still having problems, please report it to us. This forum move operation is still in the 'bug fixing stage'.

This whole procedure of moving the forums was our latest attempt to clear all errors 503, service unavailable. Apparently, according to pingdom, it seems that the forum is clear of this problem while ppmsite domain reported it only once in this month (and it was a couple of hours ago). Also, in terms of server resource usage, Revora Forums, CNCNZ and T3A:Online (which includes C&C:Online service) are accounts that always use more resources than all PPM accounts. PPM used to be the second place only behind Revora forums. PPM Forums is also the heaviest resource user from all PPM accounts, due to the popularity of the forums compared to anything else here.

Anyway, I hope your experience in this community improves with these changes. If you are still having problems, post a reply here (guest posting allowed) and we'll try to fix the situation.

Good evening Commanders and Comrades. World Domination is still going strong. As of recently, you might have seen new stuff that are coming for WD such as the Allied Power Plant (not in-game for now) and new voxels that also introduces other playable countries such as China and Korea.

Hammerhead Attack Submarine
Black Panther MBT
Chengdu Jet
Kronos Drone Carrier
Aegis Cruiser
Zumwalt Destroyer
Allied Power Plant

Today, I decided to give WD a spin for playtest against Brutal AI for some fun and to see what else has to be done. The AI isn't fully functional yet, but what you see from this Brutal AI is not what you will see on WD's first public release. USA vs USA, as for you who are curious about WD. The WD is very different from Vanilla in stats, as it takes longer time to destroy enemy forces. It also allows for the unit to perform some special attacks such as alternating weapons, increases fire attack or damage to deal additional damage.

I also posted the first video playtest which you can click here to watch it. It is 19 minutes long of battling against Brutal AI. - Ignore some of the voxels that was discarded some time ago and some of the SHPs aren't going to be in the release since these are unintended.

Hello everyone. As I said in the previous news post, I've started an operation to reduce/wipe any upcoming error 503 in PPM by moving the forums to a different account, which would require its official web address to change to

At the moment of this news post, we have two copies of the forum running at the same time. One at the old address which works correctly and another one at the new address, which has problems with cookies.

The problems that happened with attachments were solved on both copies. So, it shouldn't be an issue anymore and the URL of the forum attachments will not change at all, although new attachments will be hosted at domain (as long as you post them using

The PPM's main website has been affected with a couple of broken links in the news tracker. It is a temporary problem that I'll eventually fix in the next days.

My priority at the moment is the cookie issue on multiples domains. I'm still trying to figure out a way to synchronize cookies from with

The old forum address will only redirect its users to the new forum address once works 100% correctly. Till then, you can keep using the forums in the same way you did. We won't close it nor stop you from posting attachments. Enjoy the forums and sorry for any inconvenience.