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Twisted Insurrection: October Newscast
October 26, 2016 - 12:48
Hello everybody. There has been quite a lot of progress on Twisted Insurrection 0.6 this week so instead of posting individual images per day, I thought I'd round them up into one big update here. Our release date is November 19th 2016, possibly sooner if we finish our to-do-list before then, but it's better to have the extra days for ironing out whatever bugs there may be too. Anyway, without further ado, here's what's been happening lately.

First of all, out of ErastusMercy's, our lead voxel artist, workshop, we have new and complete images for the GloboTech air-force. The new Gunship and Sonic Fighter voxels are complete and scheduled for release. These units were a low priority on the to-do list but now that we have a GloboTech campaign coming up, they moved higher up the ladder!

(Check out the unit stats and more information here)

(Check out the unit stats and more information here)

Next up is something I am extremely pleased to be able to put into a post, and that's more Nod Structure artwork reaching completion. TI's Nod Structure artist, Lin Kuei Ominae, has had a surge of motivation and has dished out a new Tiberium Reactor, Laser Turret and Stealth Generator. We have also worked together to improve the Web Spider Fence imagery as the all-remap lasers didn't look all that good, it's also burrowed further into the ground so the illusion of a gap below the fence is no longer there.

(Click to view the image in actual size)

The Stealth Generator view is being obstructed in the image due-to it being powered off, so here is a better look at the structure's animations. You can also get another look at the individual structures, their stats and additional information on the Nod Buildings section of our website.

Next up are some terrain additions and improvements that I have been working on recently. As time goes on, the quality of somebodies work tends to improve, which unfortunately means that work becomes out-dated, primarily in TI's terrain department, so I took the time to improve upon some older pieces.

(Click to view images in actual size)

We've been working on a few new multiplayer maps too along with improving some of our older ones, some maps have been updated to add the GloboTech Airstrip to them as a capturable structure as there didn't seem to be any outside of the campaign, Pig of Bays and Sunset Vista namely make use of the Airstrip in the next update and there will likely be more to come. Here's a new map by Crimsonum making use of the new grass-land theater we created for the Twisted Dawn timeline.

(Click image to view map in actual size

There are a couple of extra things left out of the news post to conserve length such as progress on some GloboTech missions and a new Nod Vulcan Cyborg image (check out the Nod Infantry section of our website), we will showcase more of these as time goes on! So last but not least for this update are some more additions to our Original Soundtrack, check out Eidilon by Mental Omega's Speeder and Prodigal Son by OmegaBolt!

And for those of you that may have missed it before, check out the gameplay trailer we put together for the upcoming release of Version 0.6, even though now some of the graphics are outdated already due-to the surge of progression we've had on the staff forums!

Thank you for taking the time to check out the update and we hoped you enjoyed it. We'll have more to come soon. Nod faction artwork is nearly finished and we'll hopefully manage to get more GDI artwork out of the way soon too! ErastusMercy is working on some improved units too including a new GloboTech Armadillo and a new Nod Hornet, discussing a new image for a new GDI MLRS Tank too as opposed to the walker currently being used.

A new stable release of OpenRA is now available! The new version comes with a couple of interesting new features.

One of them is the much improved game content installer. It is now able to copy and install game assets from many more installation sources, such as the original release CDs, the First Decade DVDs, installed copies of the Dune 2000 Gruntsmod edition and even the C&C Ultimate Edition from Origin. Additionally, for the first time ever, the content installer will now also automatically install the campaign briefing videos, which means you no longer have to do that manually.

This feature comes with one minor down-side: since the new assets are installed into a different place than in previous versions of OpenRA, every player is required to install the game assets again when launching this new version for the first time.

The quest to complete porting the original campaign missions to OpenRA is ongoing. This time around, there are seven new missions for Tiberian Dawn, and one each for Red Alert and Dune 2000. For Red Alert, there are also three new missions which can be played in both single- and cooperative multiplayer mode and which long-time players may find to be vaguely familiar.

Other new features and fixes include the following:

- Fixes to a lot of crashes.
- Fixes to a number of bugs that impacted game servers, such as the infamous “grey ping bug”.
- New configuration options for customizing mouse scrolling behaviour.
- New hotkeys for navigating to map edges, and bookmarking positions on the map.
- New hotkeys for controlling the music player, as well as producing five units at once.
- Improved aircraft reloading behaviour.

The score screen now shows an actual score comprised of the amount of kills as well as other gameplay actions such as capturing and infiltrating buildings, repairing an allies’ units and buildings, and sending them supplies, instead of just kills and losses.

Burning trees now provide nice visual effects for flame throwers and nukes.

And finally, but it is very important to mention: this revision and newer ones are no longer compatible with Windows XP. The reason for it is that OpenRA now requires .NET 4.5 (Windows) / Mono 3.2 or greater (OS X and Linux). Players using Ubuntu 12.04 or other Linux distributions that include Mono 2.10 can upgrade to a supported version by following the instructions on the Mono site.

Grab the latest version at their website and have fun!

Twisted Insurrection 0.6 Trailer
October 12, 2016 - 19:12

Hello everybody! First of all, it's good to be back! A lengthy hiatus from myself unfortunately meant that Twisted Insurrection updates weren't going to be as frequent as they were back in March, however, we are back and working at full speed again to get Version 0.6 ready and up for release by mid-November this year.

With that out of the way, I will begin with showing you what we have been working on as of late. As most of you have seen by now, we have been spending a lot of time working on campaigns for our Twisted Dawn timeline, while Nod missions proved easier to map as Twisted Insurrection timeline terrain suited Dawn's desert theme quite nice, GDI's were far from easy to work on when it came to recapturing the atmosphere that we felt from the original Tiberian Dawn. What do we do about that? Make a new theater, of course...

(Click the thumbnails to view the images in actual size)

Though admittedly by "New theater", we're referring to an expansion to our ever-growing temperate theater, which also houses all the terrain for our Interior maps.
This terrain was made purely for the Dawn era maps in mind, as of course nothing this healthy-looking would exist in the Twisted Insurrection era timeline, but we will feature it in some skirmish maps in the near future!

As some of you may have noticed during our last news post (which unfortunately was quite a while ago now, my bad!), Rampastring made a huge amount of changes to the Twisted Insurrection / DTA Client. The video contained in the link however is already vastly outdated and the client itself has seen even more changes since then. Here are a couple of images to show you what we mean, each of which using a different theme available:

I'm hoping to compile a new trailer for the upcoming release as there is an awful lot to showcase in such little time, not to mention that screenshots barely do the client itself for example any real justice! Aiming to get a new gameplay and feature trailer complete by the end of October, but right now we're focusing on new campaign missions.

Last but not least for this update, I would like to showcase to you some new additions to the Twisted Insurrection Original Soundrack! There have been a total of 10 new tracks created for the next release, here are 5 new tracks that we have recently uploaded which you may have missed over the past week: One Mission, Still Alone, Ascension, Advance, Drillbit.

(Please note that 'Drillbit' is a fan-made track for Twisted Insurrection and is not deemed final)

Wow, it feels good to be back in the development game again after what has felt like such a long time. I've really missed working on Twisted Insurrection with the rest of the team and getting news and upadtes to you all. Thank you all for your patience and we apologize once again for the delayed release! November is our goal for Version 0.6's debut.

We hope you enjoyed the update, and be sure to stay tuned to our sites all around the web. There will be plenty more updates coming every day until our next release!

PPM is now 16 years old!
October 01, 2016 - 00:54
Hello everyone! Today is the 16th anniversary from Project Perfect Mod. And yes, it's been 16 years since a naive idea for a new Tiberian Sun mod has evolved into a community that we are today (while the original mod was never finished), as we reported here and remind you every year.

However... unlike all previous years, we have no conditions to celebrate the date with something new to the site or any new feature in our projects. At least, not from me, due to deadlines from the doctorate. My situation there is complicated, which also explains my low activity with the news posts. Hopefully, things should improve once I'm done with it. So, yes, that's all for now, but if you feel you have some free time around, post in a reply below and kind of tribute that you can provide for this date and we may promote it in a special news with our belated birthday presents. So, please, contribute and let's make a happy ending for this story.

Oh, here's the cake:

People who follow Project Phantom at Facebook, Twitter or ModDB might have already noticed recently uploaded unit showcase videos on hero infantry and experimental (stolen technology) units.

Hero Spotlight Part 1

Experimental Weapons Test Part 1

Project Phantom website has also had an update in form of a page detailing the two, so-called mercenary factions in the mod - Fist of Titans and Crimson Crown.

Read the full newspost at

Follow Project Phantom:

OpenRA Playtest 20160904 has been released.
September 05, 2016 - 12:26
Hello everyone! Another Playtest version of OpenRA has been released today. The developers rely on players to thoroughly test the playtest builds to catch any bugs or balance regressions before the final release, so head over to the download page to try it out today! If you encounter a bug, or have any feedback, then please create a ticket on our Github issue tracker, find them on IRC, create a topic on OpenRA's community forum or at the OpenRA Editing Forums at PPM, or leave a message in the comments below.

A lot of work in this release has focused on improving its core engine technology and paying down technical debt. The first place you will notice this is the mod chooser, which now understands the various install disks and digitial distributions of the original games. It can now automatically find and install all of the assets used by the mods, including the full motion videos and the additional music tracks included with the expansion disks.

Because the devs have changed which assets are copied, all players will need to reinstall (or redownload) the assets for this playtest. These will be used for the future playtests and releases, so only needs to be done once.

The new FMV installation support has arrived just in time (some would argue far too late!), because this playtest includes 7 more campaign missions for TD and one new campaign mission each for RA and D2K. RA also includes three custom multiplayer missions that can be selected from the mission chooser (for singleplayer) or the multiplayer lobby (for cooperative play).

Other notable changes in this release include:

  • Improvements to unit pathfinding behaviour (less traffic jams around bridges and choke points!)

  • Aircraft in RA will now intelligently manage their reloading behaviour at airfields or helipads

  • New hotkeys and mouse bindings for moving around the map and producing units

  • Lobby options (such as crates and shroud) are no longer reset when switching maps

  • Improved UPnP support for automatically opening ports when hosting local servers

  • Fixes for a collection of common crashes that sneaked in to the last release (we're sorry about that!)

  • A collection of balance changes for RA and TD that were discussed and tested on the Official community forum

  • Many trait and Lua API improvements for mods and maps

Watch your back! They have taught the AI to use Engineers to capture tech buildings and enemy structures.
A controversial exploit allowing engineers to cancel production in the RA mod has also been fixed.

A new scoring system tracks many ingame actions, not just kills.
The redesigned score menu now also lists the spectators that are observing the match.

The developers have restored the ability for flame weapons to burn trees down to charred husks.
Try the playtest today to find all the other cosmetic improvements!

Check out the full changelog for more details, and head over to the download page to try it for yourself!

Please note that OpenRA now requires .NET 4.5 / Mono 3.2 or greater. Players using Ubuntu 12.04 or other Linux disributions that include Mono 2.10 can upgrade to a supported version by following the instructions on the Mono site. Players who are still on Windows XP will need to upgrade to a supported OS.

Work is steadily progressing on the official Tiberian Sun mod and the ?gen2? engine overhaul required to support it and other community-developed mods.

During this last release cycle the first step was completed (a year in the making) of a major project to support the per-pixel depth calculations required to correctly render the TS world. Gameplay advancements include finishing support for the EMP cannon and player-controllable Carryalls.

A lot of work remains on both the engine and gameplay fronts. Please understand that this is a long-term project, and it will not be completed any time soon with the current developer manpower. There are plans for making future development versions more accessible for testing, but because the project is developed by volunteers in their free time nobody can predict when it will be complete enough to include in an official OpenRA release.

DTA 1.15 Preview & Release Date
September 01, 2016 - 18:12
While DTA 1.15 was announced to be released at the end of the summer, the date was intentionally kept vague to allow everything to be finished on time. The summer is technically already over however (even if the weather and temperate strongly argue otherwise), so the announced date unfortunately wasn't vague enough. We apologize if we made you get your hopes up too much.

Without going into details, we're still waiting on a few things from several sources that are independent from our staff, but it fortunately is possible to work around this if it turns out to be necessary. So without further ado, we'll announce a more concrete release date: September 23rdYes 2016, smartass ¬_¬(that's a Friday).

We're also making good use of the extra time to finish up some assets that we otherwise might not have been able to finish.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To ease the wait, here are some global things to look forward to (aside from of course the awesome new client, which was already covered in the previous news post):

The ingame options menu windows have been improved a lot.

Not only do they look a lot more like those of the original games, but the visual theme of the options menu window now depends on which faction you're playing as.

GDI and Nod share the same theme, while Allies and Soviet have their own unique themes.

Take note of the new "Chat" keyboard shortcuts.

As always there a good number of new maps, including 1 singleplayer mission, 6 multiplayer maps, as well as at least 4 new co-op missions.

And maps of course couldn't be made without terrain, which also received a decent amount of improvements and additions for mappers to put to good use.

All bridge and platform tiles were improved and can now also be connected to the newly added ramps.

The new tiled and brick floors can be placed on any other ground type.

And if you think those floor tiles look familiar, you're right:

DTA finally introduces interior terrain in version 1.15.

There are also a good number of changes under the hood, bug fixes and balance changes.
The balance changes concerning naval units were the most drastic:

  • All first and second tier ships were made 20% cheaper and their weapon range has been reduced by 33 up to 48 percent.
  • The weapons of tanks, aircraft and especially artillery units were also made a lot more effective against ships.
  • Ships no longer self-heal unless they become elite.
  • Ships inflict more damage against one another.

The goal of these changes is to make naval battles more fast-paced paced and fun, while also giving players a much better fighting chance when they're attacked by naval units while they don't have any naval units of their own.

If you paid close attention to the image, you might have noticed that there are both Tiberium Refineries and Ore Refineries visible. This won't be any different in DTA 1.15: you'll be seeing the correct refineries in all enemy bases from now on.

And that's all we'll show for now. We hope to see you on the 23rd and hopefully we'll get a nice number of online matches going.