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Hello everyone! Today, September 30th, 2015, is Project Perfect Mod's 15th anniversary. And every time, I tell the same good old story about how PPM started as an idea of a mod that has eventually grown to the community that it is today.

Last year we were haunted by evil 503 error messages. Does anyone still remembers them? I guess we've made some good progress with the stability of the site and forums. The forums, by the way, has gotten its own domain at My low activity in the news from this year mostly due to my PhD. It is a temporary problem, don't worry.

And to celebrate the 15th anniversary..... afterall, 15 is a special number, isn't it? Anyway, to celebrate it, I've added some steroids to Voxel Section Editor III's 1.4 beta recently.

As you can see the image above, you can Rotate Model (maintaining or not the dimensions of the section). Note that we still recommend you to rotate the model using OS: HVA Builder instead of rotating the pixels. You can change the background colour from all canvas and 3D viewers and set a default background colour at the Options -> Preferences.

VXLSE III also renders models respecting the minimum and maximum bounds of each section, something that previous 1.4 beta versions weren't doing.

There are also bug fixes related to the issues that happened when the program opened a voxel file when being launched, memory leaks, interface allowing double OKs, hit alt was still painting instead of showing the dropper, etc.

This version seems to be somewhat stable and it is much better than 1.38 at this moment. It's really highly recommended to use it instead of 1.38. It also includes the ability to import and export 3D models, among other features. Go grab it HERE and make sure you are online when you run it for the first time. If you don't want to be online in the first run, you have to download most of the files from vxlseiii14x from the SVN, except for the source code itself.

And that's it. I hope you enjoy the gift, keep contributing to this place, afterall, it has 15 years old thanks to your participation and contribution. And hopefully, this is just the beginning.

And yea, I was almost forgetting again.... the cake:

Credits: The cake was randomly obtained from this site.

Update version 0.40.41 for Twisted Insurrection is now available to download via the client! This latest update adds a new and improved version of the Twisted Dawn Mammoth Tank, fixes some bugs in the game code and client and includes a few balance fixes. We have more updates coming up soon, we're currently working on something to benefit the Twisted Dawn mode fans, more information on that to come soon!

Boot-up the Twisted Insurrection and download version 0.40.41, to check out the changes in detail, read the contained changelog.txt file in the download. Have fun!

You might have seen some news in the web that Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge has been recently available for free in Origin, the official online store from Electronic Arts.

Yea, that game and its expansion are featured at the On The House section from Origin for certain countries, such as United States of America and a bunch of others. Unfortunately, in my country, they are distributing Theme Hospital. Red Alert 2 was so much popular, that Origin has taken it offline, because their servers were overloaded. They are back now, although it is being hard to download them.

For those who lives in the countries where EA is distributing Theme Hospital, you can claim Red Alert 2 for free with a simple catch. But I give no guarantees that you will be able to download it in a low term, since their servers seem to be overloaded. Click at this link. Then, click Download Now and login in Origin. Launch the program and Red Alert 2 will be added to your game library.

Remember that this is The Ultimate Collection version. So, I don't know how does it behave with some of the existing mods, Ares and some modding tools, since I've never used this version in my life. However, I'm pretty sure that the community here may aid you if you have some problems. So,  if something doesn't work well with this game for you, use our forums, post a reply here and we'll aid you to have a better experience. Have fun and if you get bored of the game for some reason, remember that you can play mods and create your own mod.

Heads up on PPM.
September 12, 2015 - 08:13
Hey everyone. I'd like to apologize for my silence in the latest months in terms of news posts. I had a very strict deadline for my PhD, a lot of stuff to do and, despite all odds, I've survived. But I've never got that much desperate with something in my life as I did with my thesis proposal.

In the mean time, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and the franchise as a whole has completed 20 years old in August 31st. Command & Conquer was the franchise that inspired this site to exists and to be what it is today. At that date, I had no conditions to organize any kind of homage for it. But I still don't know what could we do as a homage to the 20th anniversary of the Command & Conquer franchise here. If anyone has any suggestions about that, please, post in a reply.

The second thing is that a couple of things have broken while I was busy with my PhD. The News Tracker was one of them and it has been fixed a couple of minutes before this news has been posted. The other problem was risen by Google Chrome, who has decided to no longer accept the sound player used by our forums. I've switched to HTML5 audio, but that doesn't support WMA anymore and Internet Explorer's support for it is very limited. There is a temporary solution working on all forum themes except ptifo. But we'll deal with that soon and provide download links just in case someo decides to use an old and horrible Internet Explorer.

And that is it. If any of you are wondering why I'm being slow to reply or do things in this community, you may now understand it. But from now on, I'll have a bit more time to spend and get this place back to its full activity.

Introducing RedAlert++
September 09, 2015 - 16:05

An open source re-implementation of the C&C Red Alert engine. Written from scratch in C++.

RedAlert++ is a project to create an accurate reimplementation of the game engine used for the classic Westwood Studios RTS, Command & Conquer: Red Alert in C++.

The team developing this are fans of the game who want to see it preserved and ensure it can be enjoyed properly on modern platforms. They do not have access to any of the original source code, and the project is being developed from scratch through careful examination and comparison to the original. This is to ensure that the new engine is as true to the original engine as possible, guarantee an authentically retro gaming experience. The project is not endorsed, sponsored or in any other way connected to EA/Electronic Arts and and has no intention to profit from the endeavour.

In the coming months, we will be posting regular updates and working towards a public release in the near future.

- Utilises the latest open source graphic and audio libraries (SDL, OpenGL and OpenAL). -
- Fully compatable with the original game, allowing you to run the compiled binary as a direct replacement of your original installation. -
- Fixes bugs that appear in the original game, without losing gameplay authenticity. -
- Built on years of thorough research into core gameplay dynamics to deliver a genuine experience. -
- Allows you to continue playing your favourite RTS on a device of your choice. -

Q: Why develop another Red Alert engine from scratch, if we already have FreeRA, FreeCNC and OpenRA...
A: FreeRA and FreeCNC are far from complete and appear to be abandoned while OpenRA is focusing on reimagining the classic Westwood RTS titles with modern era twists such as features found later Command and Conquer titles or other RTS games. Our focus is on a classic recreation with great attention to detail on the core mechanics, more akin to OpenDUNE, hence the new project.

Q: Why is it called RedAlert++, wasn't there already existing project called OpenRedAlert?
A: Correct, but the project has been inactive for some years now. We approched the creator, Damien some time ago now and asked the status of the project, and if it was currently inactive, could we use the name RedAlert++. Damien's project is still being developed in private and he has given us permission to use the name and hopfully in the future we can bring him on board to help with development.

Q: Where to download latest version of RedAlert++?
A: At the moment, OpenRedAlert is being developed in private so we can ensure the basic engine works as required. Once we are happy with the state of the engine, we will release a public build and also create a public repository on GitHub.

Q: What do I need to run RedAlert++?
A: It's simple! - All you will need is a installation of the original C&C Red Alert (patched to 3.03), and a compiled binary from the OpenRedAlert source code, be that from a preview build or from the public repository yourself. EA released C&C Red Alert as Freeware in celebration of the release of Red Alert 3 and it is now possible to legally download a copy from the EA servers or official mirrors.

Core Engine Programmer
- C&C Engine Researcher -

Core Engine Programmer
- SDL and OpenGL -
- Cryptography & Algorithms -
- Cross Platform Deployment -

Additional Contributions
tomsons26 - Branding Artwork and Design
Tore - Web Technical Support
Grant - Web Technical Support
CNCNet Network - Website Hosting

If you are a fan of using social media, you can also or for updates and other information.

OpenRA Playtest 20150808
August 08, 2015 - 18:03
Numerous new features, fixes, and performance improvements make this a significant improvement over the last playtest and the June release.

A few long-standing performance issues that caused significant lag spikes in the mid to late game have finally been addressed. As part of this work, the AI has become a lot smarter about base building, uses support powers more reliably, and harvesters are less likely to become stuck.

Music playback has received quite a lot of changes. Map authors now have much greater control over music, including the ability to specify default (starting) music as well as custom victory and defeat tracks.

Other changes include:

    Spies in the Red Alert mod have received a major overhaul, making them much more useful.
    Paratroopers can now be selected and given orders before they land.
    Two new single-player missions have been added, Soviets 04a and 04b.
    Single-player missions have been polished, and Allies 05 has received a new ultra-hard difficulty.
    Mission replays can again be viewed through the replay browser.
    A warning message is now given when a server admin selects a map with custom rules.
    Range circles are now visible to allied players and spectators.
    Players can now hide the in-game UI (using a hotkey, bound to Ctrl+Shift+H by default).
    We now support installing game content from The First Decade DVD.

Of interest for modders and mappers will be the addition of new Lua API functions. Disguising spies, capturing or infiltrating units and buildings using scripting is now possible. Other newly available functions can be used to play arbitrary sound files, flash the screen, and control the new palette effect trait.

Lot's of bugs and annoyances have been fixed:

    A number of crashes have been resolved.
    The score screen can now be closed to have a look at the battlefield after the match.
    The ‘Options’ button will no longer blink without reason in skirmish maps.
    The duration bar on chronoshifted units in the Red Alert mod is no longer visible to enemy players.
    The aircraft and helicopter cruise altitude in the Red Alert mod has been increased again.
    The unit duplication crate bonus has been removed from the Tiberian Dawn mod.
    For all the gritty details check out the full changelog.

Grab the installer for this playtest from the download page and give it a try!

The game will warn players in the lobby when the host selects a map with custom rules. This should help combat the small number of dishonest players who adjusted rules to their advantage.

Infiltrating an enemy production building with a spy will let you build veteran units.

Allied players and spectators can now see the range circles from units and buildings.

New Lua API functions can be used to simulate simple weather effects.

Hey everyone. I don't konw how many of you visits our OpenRA editing forums. Sometimes people progress some interesting materials related to their progress on the upcoming Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 mods for OpenRA, as well as other mods. There are two videos that are worth sharing here.

The first one shows the progress of the Tiberian Sun mod with the heightmap and shroud branches merged. It's a replay of an online match. Check it out (make sure video quality is in HD):

And that's certainly not the only interesting TS material that you may see. There is a mod called Crystallized Doom, which brings GDI, Nod, Forgotten and Cabal to the battlefield. The video below was taken with an older version of OpenRA:

Likewise Crystallized Doom, there are several other mods switching to OpenRA. If you have one of these mods and you want forums and a site for your mod, post about it in the Public Mod Announcements and PM me requesting hosting. For more information on how PPM hosts projects, check our section about it.

Doom Desire July 2015 Update
July 28, 2015 - 16:31
Time has come for a new Doom Desire update (last one was at the beginning of this year, so definitely).

There's a story a certain old guy may tell you, about...

...Paladin Imbris...

...and Paladin Ultor

Essence Thanatos Gunship The Thanatos Gunship uses same propulsion system as all Essence aircrafts, based on electromagnetic acceleration of charged air and plasma. Its reactor allows the heavy aircraft to stay inair, still leaving enough extra power for its anti-tank laser.

Essence GAIA Landship Old landship concept revived, it's a mobile fortress that's meant to allow Essence keep secure safespots everywhere they move. Armed with lasers, long range AA missile launchers, and a giant ion accelerator, it has all the firepower needed to move through hostile territories.

Vintarid Rha'tor Dream Master Before a war, politicians use propaganda to prime civilian population for their plans, so they get their support. But who needs propaganda, if you can control people's dreams... If your own dreams fight against you, and make you more susceptible for hostile influence, how can you fight?

Lastly, in April, Essence scientists came to a very important, yet very horryfing question: how do you defeat time traveling, hyperdimensional aliens with guns and bullets anyway? The answer is... you don't.
So they decided to get some help, and summon Ancient Eldritch Abominations to fight the aliens for us!
Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fthagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nfah Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

Hmm... seems they summoned the wrong one...

That one didn't seem to be particularly willing to help either...

No biggie, though. As they say, if you can't get an Eldritch Abomination to help you...
just build yourself a giant war machine instead!

Essence Phanerunos (click to enlarge)

Until next time.