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Good evening Commanders and Comrades. World Domination is still going strong. As of recently, you might have seen new stuff that are coming for WD such as the Allied Power Plant (not in-game for now) and new voxels that also introduces other playable countries such as China and Korea.

Hammerhead Attack Submarine
Black Panther MBT
Chengdu Jet
Kronos Drone Carrier
Aegis Cruiser
Zumwalt Destroyer
Allied Power Plant

Today, I decided to give WD a spin for playtest against Brutal AI for some fun and to see what else has to be done. The AI isn't fully functional yet, but what you see from this Brutal AI is not what you will see on WD's first public release. USA vs USA, as for you who are curious about WD. The WD is very different from Vanilla in stats, as it takes longer time to destroy enemy forces. It also allows for the unit to perform some special attacks such as alternating weapons, increases fire attack or damage to deal additional damage.

I also posted the first video playtest which you can click here to watch it. It is 19 minutes long of battling against Brutal AI. - Ignore some of the voxels that was discarded some time ago and some of the SHPs aren't going to be in the release since these are unintended.

Hello everyone. As I said in the previous news post, I've started an operation to reduce/wipe any upcoming error 503 in PPM by moving the forums to a different account, which would require its official web address to change to

At the moment of this news post, we have two copies of the forum running at the same time. One at the old address which works correctly and another one at the new address, which has problems with cookies.

The problems that happened with attachments were solved on both copies. So, it shouldn't be an issue anymore and the URL of the forum attachments will not change at all, although new attachments will be hosted at domain (as long as you post them using

The PPM's main website has been affected with a couple of broken links in the news tracker. It is a temporary problem that I'll eventually fix in the next days.

My priority at the moment is the cookie issue on multiples domains. I'm still trying to figure out a way to synchronize cookies from with

The old forum address will only redirect its users to the new forum address once works 100% correctly. Till then, you can keep using the forums in the same way you did. We won't close it nor stop you from posting attachments. Enjoy the forums and sorry for any inconvenience.

Hello ladies and gentlemen. As we've announced in this post, we've started an operation yesterday to officially move PPM Forums to The idea is to reduce the amount of error 503s that we get here.

Yesterday we've created a new account for it and copied all forum files, except for the complicated forum attachments. In about 30 minutes after this post is done, we'll officially change the forum settings to make this address become the official one.

It is possible that once it happens, the forum attachments might become temporarily unaccessible and there might be potential login problems (you might be forced to login again). We'll work in the best way possible to make this transition as sweet as possible, but we do already apologize the inconvenience. We will not close the forums during this operation, since it doesn't seem to be necessary.

OpenRA Playtest 20150408
April 08, 2015 - 22:09
OpenRA has finalized the balancing for their Red Alert mod, so it's time for another playtest!

The changes this time around include:
  • More balancing adjustments in Red Alert. Please see the changelog for a detailed list of changes.
  • Fixed enemies erroneously getting an (Ally) suffix in chat messages.
  • Games in progress that are password protected are now indicated as such in the server browser.
  • Fixed helicopters wasting ammo by trying to shoot at targets directly below them.

More details and links to pull request can be found on our changelog page.

You can find the installers for a variety of supported operating systems in OpenRA's download section.

This will likely be your last chance to give feedback and contribute to this release, so if you find bugs, encounter any problems are have other suggestions, don't hesitate and report them on OpenRA's bug tracker!

A note on map compatibility: already with the first playtest a new map format was introduced which is not backward-compatible with last October's release-20141029. This means that if you have downloaded custom maps from the Resource Center or elsewhere, these maps will have been automatically updated to the new map format once you have run this or one of the previous playtests. If you later go back to the release version, it will not be able to parse the new map format and crash. You can avoid the problem by either deleting the contents of your map folder, or by making backups of the map folder and restoring that when you switch back to release-20141029.

Protected games in the server browser.

Another sneak peak at our in-progress Tiberian Sun mod: How to deploy upgrades

OpenRA Playtest 20150405
April 05, 2015 - 15:20
We have received lots of feedback on our last playtest, for which we are very grateful. Let me take this opportunity to thank all our testers!
In fact, we have received so much feedback that we felt it was worth it to do another, hopefully last, playtest before the release.
This new playtest addresses most of the issues that have been reported. In particular, these are:

  • The balancing in the Red Alert mod, while not finalized, has received some more touch-ups.
  • Quite a number of crashes and other oddities have been fixed.
  • The overly enthusiastic “Enemies approaching” warning has been removed from both Red Alert and Dune 2000.
  • Even more performance improvements have been made.

The full list of changes can be found on our changelog page as usual.
Now head on over to our download section, and go forth test some more! If all goes well, you can expect the release within a week!
A note on map compatibility: already with the first playtest a new map format was introduced which is not backward-compatible with last October’s release-20141029. This means that if you have downloaded custom maps from the Resource Center or elsewhere, these maps will have been automatically updated to the new map format once you have run this or one of the previous playtests. If you later go back to the release version, it will not be able to parse the new map format and crash. You can avoid the problem by either deleting the contents of your map folder, or by making backups of the map folder and restoring that when you switch back to release-20141029.

The faction of players who selected a random faction in the lobby…

…will no longer be revealed to enemies in the game.

The visual effects for explosions and missile trails have been improved for the Dune 2000 mod.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the date of the apocalypse: April 10th, 2015. Ok, it's not really apocalypse at all. But we'll have to temporarily close the forums (just for a couple of hours), to move it to a new account and re-open it at Our objective, with this move, is to split the forums from PPM's main account and, as a consequence, reduce or terminate all error 503s that we still occasionally get here, once in a while.

It's worth mentioning that, while the official address of the forums will change to (Note that this URL already works as a redirection nowadays), the old URLs will still take you to the forums after April 10th, 2015. The most noticeable change might be the forum attachments and images that may take a while until the old URL works correctly again.

We'll try to make this transition as smooth as possible and we hope to count with your cooperation. So far, take the liberty to keep posting in our forums, but just be aware that about this operation, if you've planned something for April 10th or closer dates. The PPM website and the PPM Mobile Website will still be online during this operation with some restrictions (forum attachments will be offline). Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we hope to provide a better experience for you after this operation.

After a long wait of almost two years, we are proud to present you the release of Rise of the Reds Version 1.85. In the name of the SWR team, I want to express my gratitude to all of you who stuck with us for all this time. Now, the grand moment has arrived as we lift the curtain on our new release. For the last two years, we have been working hard to present to you a variety of new features, including many new units and abilities for all factions, a complete visual overhaul of Russia and the GLA, the much anticipated GLA Recycler mechanic, countless tweaks to the AI and the inner workings of the game - but most notable of all, the inclusion of our own integrated multiplayer platform. is ready to host your games, connecting you with ROTR players around the world. Without further ado, we present you the download link as well as a little appetiser below.

Key features of our new release are:

-Drastically reduced lag in AI matches
-Integrated multiplayer service
-New map pack integrated in the main installation
-Vastly remodelled Russian and GLA faction
-Several new units and abilities for all factions
-Support for the Ultimate Collection version on Origin.
-All official maps revised to be more balanced.
-Unique voice overs for many old and new units.

Also our streaming host Hecthor Doomhammer will be celebrating the release tonight with a special release stream!

And for your convience a countdown untill the start of the event:

Join us tonight and for a change you will be able to actively participate during the stream using our public beta.
Look out for games being hosted by Doomhammer himself if you want to have some screen time during the stream.

Also while you wait for the download to finish you can read the changelog here.
See you all on the battlefield!

Rise of the Reds 1.85 released!
April 01, 2015 - 02:58

The wait is over. No longer will you have to idly sit by and watch as the beta testers en development staff show you all the new features.
Your burning desire to play Rise of the Reds version 1.85 has finally been extinguished.

But with that, a new desire should be burning in your soul: The desire to take the spotlight on stream and show off your skills to the public!
and if not, my friend the Shenlong will MAKE that desire burn. or perhaps even more.

Tonight at 18:00 GMT The Hunter will join me as we present the first official release stream of Rise of the Reds on my channel on Twitch

Tell your friends. Tell your family. tell your neighbors and the town fool to follow my channel as from this moment on Rise of the Reds public streams will be the majority of my channel's content.

I present the countdown

And hope to see all of them, and all of you then!

Download link to Rise of the Reds version 1.85