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Mental Omega News Bulletin #14
March 23, 2015 - 16:32
Today we've got quite a bunch of new interesting assets for Mental Omega to show to you with neccessary replacements taking the lead.

A common complaint in regards to the previous releases, both 2.0 and 3.0, was that the Psychic Tower had been repurposed into an offensive beam weapon which might have been confusing to new players. To address this issue, we're introducing the new Inferno Tower, a T2 defense which is Epsilon's equivalent to the Tesla Coil and Prism Tower. It will use a weapon very similar to the Antares' concentrated thermal energy, more useful for hitting single objects instead of groups of enemy units.

To see and read more about other new additions to the mod like the Coordnode, new Missile Bunker, Tigr Truck, the return of original Psychic Tower and new skirmish maps dedicated to Mental Omega heroes, head to our website.

Frontline Chaos - March 2015 Update
March 18, 2015 - 21:55
In this month's update, a look at the the resource gatherers and processors of the Revenant army in Frontline Chaos.
One of the primary sources of conflict has always been about the question 'who controls the valuable resources?'. In Frontline Chaos, this is no different, and the highly prized resource in this case is Litenium. Litenium are crystals that grow inside of rocks, and are highly valuable due to the unique combination of known and unknown minerals. They appear all around the globe on the surface, and sometimes in deeper earth layers. Over the years, M-Tec scientists have found a way to extract the usable parts from the crystals with a complex chemical process.

The collection of Litenium is done by heavy duty mining/harvesting vehicles. The gathered resources are then deposited into specialized processing facilities, where they are put through the chemical process to extract the useful minerals. While this process was originally a secret only know to M-Tec, several scientists defected to the Revenant. With the knowledge gained from these defectors, Revenant scientist and engineers were able to create their own ways of processing Litenium.

The Revenant Harvester is a large 10 wheeled truck which is used to gather Litenium to fuel Revenant's war efforts. Partly based on stolen harvesting technologies from M-Tec, it is the primary way Revenant commanders can acquire resources on the battlefield. Litenium is gathered through the apparatus on the front of the vehicle, and is deposited into the large tank on the back.

Its wheeled chassis makes it slightly faster and more manoeuvrable then its counterparts, at the cost of having less heavy armour. Despite this, it is still heavier armoured then most battlefield vehicle and can survive a lot more beating then its looks would say. However, Revenant commanders shouldn't become careless because the loss of a Harvester is a large financial blow; especially if it was returning home with a batch of Litenium.

Revenant Refineries are heavy-armoured structures which are used to process raw Litenium into usable resources. They are the drop-off point for Harvesters, which collect Litenium from the surrounding area. Using technology and knowledge based on the work of defected M-Tec scientists, Refineries use a complex chemical process to extract the usable minerals from Litenium.

A Refinery consist of a hanger where Harvesters are unloaded, several tanks and vats containing Litenium and various chemicals, and the main structure where the Litenium is processed. Compared to civilian variants, the acquired resources are most of the times directly used to fuel the local Commander's war effort. While having heavier armour then their civilian counterparts, they should still be protected at any costs. Due to their role they are a primary target of assaults, and rumours are that technology exists to illegally transfer the processed resources to somewhere else then the Commander's coffers.

World Domination Mid-March Madness!
March 16, 2015 - 03:55
Good news Comrade and Commanders, after a couple of years honing on my skills on creating voxels. I'm more than happy to announce that U.S.S.R and U.S.A ground forces are completed. Here are some screenshots of them!

In the next few weeks, we will be looking into Aircraft and Naval for U.S.S.R and U.S.A. I will be working hard to provide a higher voxel quality that is pleasant to look at and to give a diversity of style, that is also fun to play with and enjoyable.

Meanwhile the World Domination Team are also tweaking for the first playtest going out, not so far from now. World Domination needs additional reinforcement and they have open spots for people who can create SHPs for allies and soviets. If you are interested in doing so, you can inbox me with your experiences.

We have three announcements to share about Twisted Insurrection today. The first is that a new update is going to be available to download very soon that fixes some of the performance issues encountered in the latest version of the mod, namely the lag caused on Nod Mission 16 and [8] The Finale. We pinpointed what caused this issue and we are working towards fixing it, there are still some additional optimisation steps to go through until we're ready to release the patch (0.39.1) but we're happy to announce that the problem is essentially solved. We apologize again if you were disappointed by the performance on those maps!
There isn't a set release date for the patch as of yet, but it will not be far off, we're aiming for less than a week.

Secondly: Our new website developed by Mr. Taxikiller and myself ( is finally online and ready for browsing! We are still working on it but aside form a few tiny bugs everything is as it should be and the site is in good browsing condition. We hope you enjoy it and find any information you have been looking for there.
All instances of our old website ( should automatically redirect you to the new site. We still have our forums hosted on PPM, but our site will now be hosted at 363-Productions.

Thirdly: To commemorate the launch of, the Twisted Insurrection Original Soundtrack Volume 4 is available for download. This latest version includes all Twisted Insurrection music tracks created to date, including Contagion, Act on Insanity, Viperbeat and many more.
Volume 4 contains a grand total of 33 tracks, all of which are featured in the game itself.There were supposed to be a few more tracks by Bobisfaction to be released in this volume such as Dark Valley and Plague, but due-to some complications we haven't had time to do so. These tracks will be released as a part of TI OST Vol. 5 and included in the game itself once the to-do-list has shrunk a little bit.

Thanks for reading and we hoped you enjoyed the update. The new patch is shaping up to add more content than just performance improvements, so hopefully it'll be worth the short wait. Oh, and it may be a few days late, but Happy Birthday to ErastusMercy, our friend and lead voxel artist of Twisted Insurrection! Also, happy birthday to myself for a couple of days ago.

The question was: will there be a Moon mission in Mental Omega? The answer is: yes, there will be a Moon mission and it will mark the return of Yuri's advanced air force to the mod with the introduction of the Epsilon Aerodome, a new structure created by Nooze. The Aerodome will allow you to build the units you already know and love such as the Invader and Basilisk, but also additional aircraft which we'll reveal in the future.

To see all screenshots from the new Soviet mission, a closer look at Yuri's new Aerodome and previews of new skirmish maps (of which there's been plenty throughout the last several weeks) and a bunch of other things I forgot to post here in the recent weeks, head to our website. More news and screenshots coming soon, after we test the internal beta on CnCNet5 for a bit. It's out now and it supports Yuri's Revenge, have you heard about it yet?

We are also looking for someone experienced with UVW maps and texturing 3D models who can help with finishing the work on a set of new buildings within the aesthetic style of the game.
We already have plenty of finished models to work with, be it in 3DS Max or Blender. PM me or write to if you feel like helping out a bit.

World Domination
Jan 2015 - Feb 2015 Update

I'm recouping what is going on during Jan 2015 - Feb 2015. As you might have noticed that many of existing voxels are being replaced into higher standard quality looking. I spent some great deal of time refining my voxelling skill to pump out more details onto the voxel to ensure it looks great and that the players will enjoy it. Also new loading screens and flags have been updated to reflect mod current progress.

World Domination is about a war that takes in 2020 after the meltdown of Ukraine Crisis that left the entire world in disarray. The escalation of World War III and the unease tension between United States of America and U.S.S.R caused some riots and violence. President Spencer the 50th U.S president which attempted to keep his hunger for power for at least five years before he made a move that destroyed most of the Americans' trust. President Vladimir Putin was elected for the fifth term decided to restore U.S.S.R by seizing the countries to bring Russia back to pre-world war 1 state. While he did it, the N.A.T.O was helpless and didn't do anything before President Spencer took over the office in 2020, but by that time it was too late to stop U.S.S.R. President Spencer decided it was time to liberate the countries that was seized by Russia. Whereas Putin was only to restore the Russia's glory - As of a result, WW3 has begun.

There are load of new voxels that I created and updated over the time.

New graphics

Lastly, I enjoy having people who show support. It motivates World Domination team and me to finish up mod and it makes us aware that people are interested in this mod.

You can click here to watch this mod and help this mod rise in popularity. Thank you for showing your support. <3

Twisted Insurrection 0.39 Released!
February 28, 2015 - 18:24

- Version 0.39 New Features -

For a complete list of features, minor and major, please read our changelog here. Probably one of the most important features in Twisted Insurrection 0.39 is the new and improved Client, granting you the ability to customize your Skirmish and Online games with loads of new options and tweaks, pre-set teams, locations and alliances on all maps (even with AI players) and have many new game modes to try such as Twisted Dawn, Survival, Meat Grinder, Unholy Alliance, Timeless Insurrection and Ultimate Insurrection.
Loads of options that were not possible before are now available, which will enhance your skirmish and multiplayer experience greatly, allowing you to play the style of match you are looking for, be it a quick relentless war or a long-winded battle with unlimited funds at your disposal. Some of these new options include Build Off Ally, Start Without Shroud, Tiberium-Resistant Infantry, Disable Tiberium Lifeforms, Berzerk Cyborgs, Unlimited Tiberium and Enable Ion Storms. Some screenshots can be seen just above of all of the new client options!

Version 0.39 brings a massive balance overhaul to the mod too implementing lots of feedback provided by staff testing and the public players. The campaign missions have been modified and improved along with the addition of a few more new missions to play, including the Nod Finale. Some new units and structures have been added into the game too, some of which we won't reveal how to acquire just yet.

A list of Twisted Insurrection's top features (old and new):

  • Windows 8 / 8.1 Support
  • All new Skirmish/Online set-up Options
  • Optional Base Props mode, giving you more eye-candy for your bases
  • Completely Standalone (No CD/TS Required, TI runs entirely by itself)
  • A new in-depth story-line following Nod's victory in Tiberian Dawn (C&C95)
  • Completely revamped and improved graphics
  • Additional Skirmish Modes such as Twisted Dawn, Survival and Checkpoint
  • New campaigns and new missions for GDI and Nod, including special challenge missions.
  • Over 100 new multiplayer maps
  • Smooth and fast Paced online game-play
  • Official CNCNet and Online Play Support
  • All New Units and Structures
  • Enhanced Skirmish and AI
  • Custom cinematics and a completely Original Soundtrack

Head on over to this thread for downloads and installation instructions for the latest version of the mod!

Ares 0.9 released
February 14, 2015 - 22:02
Today is the Day of Commercial Love. If you are still looking for some gift: Get Ares 0.9. It's freely available and fits almost every occasion.

There's not much to say you don't know already, so I'll make it short not to bore you: Ares 0.9 adds several super weapon improvements like multiple SWs on a building, SWs depending on owner's country, AuxBuilding and negative buildings, more customizable SW targeting modes, Inhibitors, and -- finally -- AI support for all these additions.

For fans of 2D graphics, Ares adds more facings for VehicleTypes, the option to have animated projectiles that are Rotates=yes and more muzzle flash directions.

Several bugs have been fixed, in Ares and the vanilla game. Weapon effects are no longer applied to the target if a bullet hit a wall, cliff or other obstacle on its way. Some causes fro crashes have been removed.

Overall, an unspectacular release, six weeks later than I planned. I still hope you like it. See you next time.

Happy Modding!

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