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Mental Omega News Bulletin #19
November 16, 2015 - 23:04
The Mental Omega Act One playthrough is over and it's finally time to post some news. While the recording of all 36 missions gave me a chance to once more test and adjust all the Act One missions, I'm glad it is done as now I can fully focus on finishing the Act Two campaign and the design of Side 4 which we announced a few months ago in this trailer.

The introduction of a fourth side will obviously result in the increase of total subfactions available in the mod from 9 to 12 as we have been designing this new side with the intention to give it 3 unique subfactions from the beginning. If you are following Mental Omega on Facebook or ModDB then you already know their names: from left to right, it is Haihead, Wings of Coronia and the Last Bastion.

The skirmish loading screens for these subfactions have all been created by Nooze.

The Mental Omega installer, with its classic "Red Alert 2 Setup.exe look" will be updated to feature several of Side 4's objects on the new so-called blueprints. So far, we've got three, which present the Teratorn Skyguard, the Mastodon and the Plasmerizer. The models have been created by Moder.U, Lobstrex and Bu7loos, while the artwork is the result of combined efforts by Tomsons and Nooze.

On a side note, due to the introduction of this new side we are reworking the Stolen Tech system. There will not be a set of 4x4 stolen tech infantry units. Instead, there will be a set of 4x4 stolen tech vehicles, while what used to be the stolen tech in the current release will be repurposed or scrapped. We will go into more details on this matter later, however here's one of the new stolen tech vehicles, created by Azri_Apoc: the Soviet Grumble - the ultimate anti-aircraft system which requires to be deployed before firing its powerful rockets at great ranges.

Forget what you know about Future Tanks, Deviators, Apocalypses, Chrono Ivans, Cyborgs etc. This is the stolen tech reboot

The new stolen technology roster! 15 units to go.

Stay tuned as we update our website with more news about the upcoming Side 4.

OpenRA Playtest 20151114
November 15, 2015 - 18:12
This release fixes several general issues, including:

Fixed a hang when exiting the game under Windows
Fixed an exploit that allowed the color validator to be bypassed
Fixed Battlefield News never updating for some players
Improved polish and integration of the global chat channel

Fixes for the Dune 2000 mod include:

Fixed repair depots not repairing units, and buffed repair rate
Fixed missing unit crates
Fixed incorrect unit armor / damage statistics
Improved behaviour of Spice Blooms
Improved behaviour of Thumpers and Worms
Tweaked support power timers and Ornithoper Strike damage

The Red Alert mod balance was further iterated:

Fixed units not targeting enemy units under the fog when GPS is available
Reduced Spy Power Plant infiltration power-outage time to 20 seconds
Improved the speed, sight, and passenger count of England’s Phase Tank
Improved the cooldown between jumps for Germany’s Chrono Tank
Improved Russia’s Tesla Tank by allowing them to attack while moving
Fixed M.A.D. Tanks destroying trees
Fixed several issues in the single player missions

The Tiberian Dawn mod received some fixes too:

Fixed Visceroids spawning when infantry are crushed
Fixed issues with the C&C64 - GDI01 and Nod05 missions
Improved the Nod delivery plane landing animation

As usual, you can find the installer for your operating system on the download page!

Surprise bonus feature! Copy/paste is now available in the map editor.

Rise of the Reds 1.86 Release
November 12, 2015 - 23:58

Tomorrow, Friday November 13th 2015 I will be doing a few streams of Rise of the Reds version 1.86 and from this moment on I will no longer touch anything related to 1.85

The first stream will start at around 14:00 GMT (15:00 AMSTERDAM time) on my channel on twitch for the following reason: THE REASON

YES Version 1.86 will have its PUBLIC release as of the start of my stream and that does mean that I will be starting at the moment that countdown hits 0.

I hope that the testers will be around for a game or 2 that you can watch while you download and install the patch

Hope to see you all then!

D-Day: Polish Heavy Tanks
November 12, 2015 - 16:06

I'm proud to announce with this news post the first of many new Polish units to be added to D-day! They will be available via bonus crates in the next release and in a future version as part of a fully playable side.

Click of the unit names to visit their D-day wiki page for more information & pictures.


In 1936 the Polish army started a design competition for a new medium tank. The KSUS company submitted a design inspired by the multi-turreted British A6 and Soviet T-28 tanks. BBTBr.Panc then submitted a modified version of KSUS's design fitted with a more powerful engine and a Bofors gun. A wooden mock-up of BBTBr.Panc's design was built but the invasion and annexation of Poland by Germany and the Soviet Union stopped all work on the project.

During it's development the tank's official name was simply "medium tank" (Czolgi Sredni). The designation 25TP was created by historian Janusz Magunski post-war to help differentiate it from other Polish tank projects.


This tank design was submitted to the Polish army in 1939 by Professor Antoniego Markowskiego. It was quite an advance design with heavily sloped amour and a large 120mm cannon. Not much is know other then the brief design proposal, even if it would have been excepted though Polish industry at that time would have struggled to produced such a large and complex tank.

This tank received no official designation and was was simply called "heavy tank" (Czolg Ciezki). I have used the name 53TP in accordance with Polish armoured nomenclature to help differentiate it.


This monstrous tank equipped with a 155m cannon in it's main turret along with twin 40mm anti-air guns in a secondary turret at the rear was designed by Stanisław Lem the famed science fiction writer. Lem worked as a mechanic in Lwówin for most of the war, during this time he also created several different tank and rocket designs. In October 1944 he submitted them to the Soviet State Defence Committee, in hopes that they may help in liberating Poland from the Nazis. The Soviets had no interest in them though and filed them away in their archives, where they remained forgotten until recently when they were discovered by a Russian historian.

This tank received no official designation and was was simply called "battleship tank" (Czolg Pancernik). I have used the name 220TP in accordance with Polish armoured nomenclature to help differentiate it.

D-Day: Heavy Metal
November 03, 2015 - 15:05
It's been 5 months since my last news post, which is far to long. I haven't been sitting idle all that time tho, in fact I now have a backlog of 130 units to post! I have set myself the task of organising & posting them all on the D-day wiki & website before the end of the year, so you can expect to be seeing a lot more D-day news.

To start things off here are three unique heavy tanks from pre & early WW2.


The T-39 is a heavy multi-turreted breakthrough tank project started in the early 1930's. During it's development eight different layouts were designed, including one with two large turrets each armed with twin 107mm cannons. In 1933 the design was finalised with a single large turret with a 152mm & three smaller 47mm armed turrets. The feasibility of such a large tank and the ever growing costs meant that in 1934 the project was cancelled and work was instead switched to the less complex T-35.

VK100.01 Mammut

In June 1942 Ferdinand Porsche presented the design for the 100t VK100.01 Mammut to Hitler. He liked the design & authorized the construction of a prototype. Soon after he requested some changes be made and over the next eight months the VK100.01 went through several different designs and names until February 1943 when it was finalised as the PzKpfw VIII Maus

Ansaldo GL-4

The Ansaldo GL-4 was an Italian heavy tank project from 1929, very little is known about it's development but the Italian army rejected it due to the complexity and cost. Ansaldo then tried to sell the design to the Soviets who were more interested but preferred to design there own heavy tank.

There is some argument between historians if the turret was really equipped with two cannons or if the only known image shows a single barrel at both min/max elevation. I couldn't resist the chance to make a WW1 style Mammoth tank tho so I gave it both barrels #Tongue

Hello everyone, today we would like to announce that we are ceasing updates to the current public release, Twisted Insurrection 0.40, in order to begin development on the next internal Version, 0.50. Naturally we will continue to update the current public release to fix any critical bugs or problems that are found in the mean time.

So what do we hope to accomplish in Version 0.50?
We are simply planning to progress through all of our to-do-lists as thoroughly and as quickly as we possibly can, here is a short list of some of the things we are hoping to accomplish with the next release:

  • Additional campaign missions
  • Twisted Dawn campaigns
  • GloboTech's own mini-campaign
  • Completion of more faction structure artwork
  • Unit revision (add or replace units)
  • Further and more thorough bug fixing
  • Many more multiplayer maps
  • Better or improved client options and features
  • Some more cinematics for campaign missions
  • New aditions to the TI OST

Twisted Dawn mode originally started out as a way to exaggerate the timeline progression during our campaigns, but after introducing the Twisted Dawn game mode option to the skirmish menu, we have received quite a lot of requests and questions regarding expanding upon the game mode. Well, we're happy to announce that the next version will include the first batch of Twisted Dawn campaign missions, some of you have probably seen this already, but here is our first teaser image of the first TD GDI Mission, featuring our first official naval voxel by ErastusMercy.

As of this exact moment, there are a couple of GDI TD missions in progress, we also have a couple of missions for the Twisted Insurrection timeline in progress too, one of which being GDI Mission 16: Rise of the Phoenix. As also mentioned above, we would like to add more music and cinematics to the mod to add some additional depth and atmosphere. Yesterday, Henskelion finalized a new Nod Logo cinematic for campaign and mission purposes which will be included in the next release.

So once again, aside from the fixing of bugs and other errors located in the public version, no more updates will occur as all of our focus is now going to be on the next release. More updates, news and media to come soon. Thanks for reading and keep your eyes open!

OpenRA Playtest 20151031
November 01, 2015 - 19:55
The latest playtest build includes all of the major new features and balance changes and is preparing for one of the biggest OpenRA releases yet!

Everyone can help by filing a bug or joining the IRC channel to give feedback or get into development themselves.

The latest installer for your operating system is available from the download page.

Ten reasons to try the new OpenRA Playtest

1. New chat lobby

The multiplayer server browser and game lobby have been redesigned around a new global
chat channel.

This will make it easier to find and talk with other players, and to organize matches without server-hopping.

The channel is available from outside the game as well, by connecting to channel #lobby using your favourite IRC client.

2. Game speed options

Do you think that the default game speed is too slow (or too fast)?  This version now includes a game speed option in the lobby and campaign menus!

3. Overhauled Dune 2000 mod

Manual of Muad'Dib by the Princess Irulan wrote:
A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct. This every sister of the Bene Gesserit knows.

One of the big focuses has been completely overhauling the Dune 2000 mod to more closely match the
original game.  All of the unit and building statistics have been adjusted, and
new (old) features were implemented including the thumper and spice blows.

There is a good progress towards matching the feel of the original game, but we aren't there yet.
Let us know what you think, or if you find something that still doesn't match!

4. Tiberian Dawn mod improvements

The Tiberian Dawn mod includes some incremental balance changes plus a bug fix for SAM Sites that would refuse to close.   This version includes several new multiplayer maps, and two new campaign missions - including a stormy commando mission.

5. Red Alert mod improvements

The Red Alert mod finally received a much needed shock-trooper nerf, and a fix for destroyed aircraft taking far too long to crash to the ground.  The Soviet Hijacker and France's fake structures have also been improved, and we include five(!) new campaign missions.

6. Joystick scrolling

Another commonly requested feature was the ability to scroll using the right mouse button like a joystick (like TS and RA2).  You can now enable "Joystick" scrolling in the Input tab of the Settings dialog.  The developpers are still hard at work on OpenRA's Tiberian Sun mod, but there is no release date for you yet!

7. Units "defend" by default

Players have often complained about their units chasing the enemy across the map, and OpenRA's "pro"
players know that it is best to change the stance of their units to the "defend" mode.  The developers have
made this the new default for all units, streamlining the game play a little bit for everyone.

If you want to change your units back to the old "attack anything" mode, you can use the change stance hotkey (ctrl+z by default).

8. New asset installer

The he asset installation procedure has been consolidated into the mod chooser.  Look out for even more
improvements in future releases!

9. Fixes and performance

A large number of bugs were fixed, including the well-known replay freeze bug when a player
disconnects, and a memory corruption bug that would cause random crashes when starting a match on a
Windows OS.  There is a continuous crusade for performance, and this playtest shows significant
further improvements over the last release.

10. Improved map and mod support

There is a boatload of new features for modders and map authors: maps can now include custom music
and define particle effects for rain, snow, or sand storms.  There are major changes to the
traits that control actor rendering and targeting that make them more flexible and self-consistent.
Make sure to use the automatic rule upgrader to easily port your maps and mods to the new release!
You will need to manually update your mod.yaml and UI definitions for the new version.

Hello everyone! Today, September 30th, 2015, is Project Perfect Mod's 15th anniversary. And every time, I tell the same good old story about how PPM started as an idea of a mod that has eventually grown to the community that it is today.

Last year we were haunted by evil 503 error messages. Does anyone still remembers them? I guess we've made some good progress with the stability of the site and forums. The forums, by the way, has gotten its own domain at My low activity in the news from this year mostly due to my PhD. It is a temporary problem, don't worry.

And to celebrate the 15th anniversary..... afterall, 15 is a special number, isn't it? Anyway, to celebrate it, I've added some steroids to Voxel Section Editor III's 1.4 beta recently.

As you can see the image above, you can Rotate Model (maintaining or not the dimensions of the section). Note that we still recommend you to rotate the model using OS: HVA Builder instead of rotating the pixels. You can change the background colour from all canvas and 3D viewers and set a default background colour at the Options -> Preferences.

VXLSE III also renders models respecting the minimum and maximum bounds of each section, something that previous 1.4 beta versions weren't doing.

There are also bug fixes related to the issues that happened when the program opened a voxel file when being launched, memory leaks, interface allowing double OKs, hit alt was still painting instead of showing the dropper, etc.

This version seems to be somewhat stable and it is much better than 1.38 at this moment. It's really highly recommended to use it instead of 1.38. It also includes the ability to import and export 3D models, among other features. Go grab it HERE and make sure you are online when you run it for the first time. If you don't want to be online in the first run, you have to download most of the files from vxlseiii14x from the SVN, except for the source code itself.

And that's it. I hope you enjoy the gift, keep contributing to this place, afterall, it has 15 years old thanks to your participation and contribution. And hopefully, this is just the beginning.

And yea, I was almost forgetting again.... the cake:

Credits: The cake was randomly obtained from this site.