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Mental Omega News Bulletin #6
December 15, 2014 - 19:34
As the end of the year approaches, the download count for Mental Omega 3.0 closes in on the round number of 100,000. Seeing this much interest in our little project and having entered the TOP100 of ModDB's 2014 Mod of the Year for the 5th time in a row in this annual contest rekindles my interest in continuing it. Big thanks to everyone who voted for us this year, there is a big thing coming along with long overdue fixes and I think you'll like it.

We are revealing the next batch of new features for Mental Omega. Yuri restarts the Psychic Amplifier project and is keen on defeating the Allies hidden within the London Fortress without having his forces ever set foot on the British Islands.

We also have previews for the latest batch of new skirmish maps from Toveena.

Visit our website for additional screenshots & videos from this News Bulletin including a sneak peek of a new unit.

Stay tuned for MOre and thanks again for supporting us!

Top 100 Mod of the Year from ModDB
December 14, 2014 - 05:27
Hey everyone! It's that time of the year where the annual mod/indie popularity contest from ModDB/IndieDB invites everyone to vote on their favorite mods.

You have about 6 days to vote at the Top 100 Mods and Top 100 Indies of 2014.

While I'm usually not a fan of this kind of popularity contest, specially at ModDB (where the editors usually ignore real time strategy projects possibly because FPS usually offers more polygons per model), I'm positively surprised with the outcome of this contest so far. PPM has several mods at the Top 100 and Generals: Zero Hour is the second game with the highest amount of votes.

So, we would be honored if you could take 25 seconds of your day to support our hosted mods by clicking in the image below and voting on each of them:

Released Mods

- The Dawn of the Tiberium Age (C&C: Tiberian Sun)
- Twisted Insurrection (C&C: Tiberian Sun)
- Tiberium Essence (C&C: Tiberium Wars)

Upcoming Mods

- Tiberian Odyssey (C&C: Tiberian Sun)

Thumbs up also for the mods hosted on Revora, such as Mental Omega APYR (C&C: Yuri's Revenge), Contra (C&C: Generals: Zero Hour) and Rise of the Mandalorians (Star Wars: Empire at War).

Regarding the Top 100 Indie, it's a pitty that OpenRA did not qualify to the top 100. Anyway, as a RTS fan, I'm cheering for 0.a.d which is an Age of Empires competitor with a great potential.

The time is here; version 1.13 of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age has been released.

A few highlights from the change log are:
  • Improved and added client features

  • Game lobby themes

  • New terrain

  • New maps

  • Co-Op missions

  • Many new options for the game lobby:
    • Destroyable Low Bridges: You can destroy low bridges by force-firing on them.
    • Starting Reinforcements: You will receive a small group of controllable units about a minute after the game starts.
    • Infinite Tiberium/Ore: Tiberium trees and ore mines will spawn tiberium so fast that even 10 harvesters won't be able to harvest it all.
    • Replace Tiberium With Ore: Tiberium and tiberium trees will appear appear as ore and ore mines instead.
    • Harvesters Unload Instantly: Harvesters instantly unload all tiberium/ore when they dock with the refinery, just like in Red Alert.
    • Turtling AI: The AI will focus on just building its base and will rarely attack at all.
    • Build Off Ally: Build next to structures of allied players.
    • Stormy Weather: Storms will start at random intervals, during which you'll be bombarded by lightning and meteors.
    • Start Without Shroud: The map will be entirely revealed when the game starts.
    • Shroud Regrows: Shroud slowly grows back.
    • No Infantry Crushing: Infantry can't be crushed.
    • Disable Visceroids: Maps won't have any visceroids on them and infantry also won't turn into them when they die on tiberium.
    • Disable Super Weapons: Players can't use super weapons such as the nuke and ion cannon.
    • Disable Unit Queuing: Just like in Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert, you won't see a queue counter when you click a unit's icon on the sidebar more than once and you'll have to wait until it's finished before you can click a unit's icon again.

You can either use the client to automatically update to the latest version or download the full package from Mod DB.

If you haven't seen it already, give the trailer a watch while you wait for the download to finish.

Don't forget to vote for DTA at Mod DB if you haven't already Wink

Mental Omega News Bulletin #4 & #5
December 02, 2014 - 13:13
"Welcome back Proselytes, stand by for battlefield update. The enemy is sending secret messages we have yet to understand.."

The weekly Mental Omega News Bulletins continue and with each one of them, it becomes more obvious the Allies are in a grim situation. How long will the London Fortress hold? How long can the Scorpion Cell continue to expand with noone to stop them?

The London Fortress might soon become the Epsilon's primary target as Yuri senses presence of new weapons being developed at the massive SteinsTech Hangar.

For more screenshots of Mental Omega development, visit the mod's website. We are continuously adding new skirmish maps for you to fight on and information on how the newest Ares DLL features will be used in the mod.

Mental Omega News Bulletin #2 & #3
November 22, 2014 - 16:35
Weekly updates continue, with Act Two missions "The Mermaid" and "Paranoia" revealed, new skirmish maps plus additional info on new features planned for Mental Omega.

Among the new features are additional tech buildings which make use of Ares DLL new Academy logic.

As the amount of new missions grows, so does the number of loading screens for them.

Read more about latest Mental Omega updates on our website.

Mental Omega News Bulletin #1 (3/11/2014)
November 08, 2014 - 13:33
Let's get this started: regular media updates! With these I will attempt to regularly bring you news from the development of Mental Omega including new missions, new maps, new units and even new music.

In the first edition we cover a new mission by Sandman who has recently joined the team, new skirmish maps by me and Toveena plus new ingame objects created by Nooze. There's also a bit about how we use the latest additions to Ares DLL and why there hasn't been a mod patch this year. Read the first Mental Omega News Bulletin #1 at

Hello everyone! Since the creation of this site, we've been estimulating other sites that cover similar topics than what PPM covers to affiliate with us. By affiliating, we initially expect to exchange links. We link the site that affiliate with us while they link us as well, in a visible and browsable part of their site. But that's just the first part. Affiliations also helped us to estabilish joint ventures with the creation of events, competitions and many other actions to get one site known in the other community.

Unfortunately, we are low on active affiliates that are outside Revora. Most of our affiliated sites were related to Command & Conquer games, and since the end of EALA (and recently with the end of Victory Games as well), the C&C community activity has dropped considerably and many sites closed or they were just left in archival state or, for unknown (non-stated) reasons, they simply do not display a link to PPM anymore.

Anyway, we are looking to extend our contact with other places that cover games that are not necessarily restricted to Command & Conquer, but that can be moddable. Or we'd also love to get closer to mod projects or game projects as well.

For further information on how affiliation works with PPM, check this article. If you simply want to affiliate, you can also post in a reply with the name of your site and its URL.

If you've been following us lately, you've most likely noticed that we've been posting plenty of pictures from the next version of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age.

Today we're officially announcing The Dawn of the Tiberium Age 1.13. It will be a massive multiplayer-oriented update, including new features for Skirmish and especially CnCNet multiplayer. We're aiming to give you the best classic C&C experience available, no less. Let me list some of DTA 1.13's new multiplayer features:

  • Private messaging on CnCNet
  • Colored chat on CnCNet
  • Improved CnCNet UI both visually and usability-wise
  • Lockable games and persistent game lobbies (meaning the game lobby doesn't get disbanded after having a single game unless you wish so)
  • Spectator support
  • Dynamic map preview; starting locations, teams and colors of all players with pre-placed starting locations are now displayed on the preview
  • All windows are now re-sizable, scaling properly from low-resolution netbooks to your shiny new 4K Ultra HD monitor
  • Map previews are now much larger and sharper
  • 4 different themes to select from; Tiberian Dawn, Classic Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert Allied and Red Alert Soviet themes.

That's just the technical part. For gameplay features, we have 81 varied multiplayer maps, 4 different and diverse factions to pick from, and a huge array of multiplayer options that outnumbers every official C&C game and most mods ever made:

  • Crates
  • Short Game
  • Immune Harvesters
  • Re-Deployable MCV
  • Multi-Engineer
  • Destroyable Low Bridges
  • Infinite Tiberium / Ore
  • Replace Tiberium With Ore
  • Harvesters Unload Instantly
  • Stormy Weather
  • Extreme AI
  • Turtling AI
  • Build Off Ally
  • Start Without Shroud
  • Shroud Regrows
  • No Infantry Crushing
  • Disable Visceroids
  • Disable Super Weapons
  • Disable Unit Queuing

For precise descriptions of these game options, please check some of the images on our images section.

We will also be introducing new game modes in DTA 1.13, the most important one being Co-Op Missions. These are singleplayer-style pre-scripted missions, but created for multiple players; just imagine what DTA's current singleplayer missions would be like if you could play them with your friends. If you want to play these Co-Op Missions alone, you can have an AI team mate on some missions, but on other missions it's not going to be much of help. So, we recommend that once DTA 1.13 is out, you grab some friends (or seek for friends on the CnCNet Lobby) and play these missions with real intelligence on your side. Dying together with your friends is always more fun than dying alone, isn't it?

We also have some additional game modes in the works, but you will hear more about them later.

Other than improved CnCNet multiplayer, new game options and game modes, The Dawn of the Tiberium Age 1.13 will also come with some new and improved maps as usual. There's also a large amount of balance changes incoming; to make our multiplayer experience as awesome as possible, we've been playing dozens and dozens of online games with the staff, including both co-op and player-against-player matches. Based on those games, we've done a lot of fine-tuning to the balance of our 4 different sides, and I can say that we're now really satisfied with it.

DTA 1.13 will be released soon. We don't have a habit of giving out exact release dates, but we can say that it'll certainly be within this year, so within the next two months. Until then, stay tuned as we'll be giving out more updates in the meanwhile! On November 4th DTA will turn 7 years old, and we're still going strong!

PS. We just created a Facebook page at If you use Facebook, please like us to help spread the word!