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ShockWave is back and kicking!
February 10, 2016 - 22:48

Hello Shockwave Fans,

Roughly a year ago we made an announcement of one last update for ShockWave being in the works to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
Unfortunately some issues with Rise of the Reds development caught up with us. This unfortunately forced us to delay all of this much longer than we initially wanted.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case, and I'm happy to say we have been actively working on improving this old mod by fixing bugs, addressing age old balance issues as well as adding a few cool new things.
One of these things we can show off right now is the new, modified Toxin Jarmen Kell available to Dr. Thrax:

Unlike the old version, he no longer creates toxin puddles on impact, but rather any infantry killed by him will melt into a puddle and create some toxic clouds that linger in the direct area.
Any other infantry killed by these toxic clouds will create even more toxic clouds with the possibility of triggering a chain reaction just like the Virus Sniper did in Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge.

More cool features and improvements are in the works and we will be posting them here and on other media so keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

Also this upcoming Sunday, Hecthor Doomhammer will be mixing up his usual streaming schedule by streaming the first livestream of our internal version of ShockWave.
He will be joined by Generalcamo and myself. In addition to the new Toxin Jarmen Kell, there are a couple of other things that are in the internal version that haven't been announced yet, but could be showing up in the stream.

Countdown untill the stream starts


It's been over a year since Graion Dilach and I last were in a stream together, showcasing his mod for Yuri's Revenge, called Attacque Supérior.
A lot has happened since, most notably the move from Ares and the YR engine to the OpenRA engine.

This upcoming Saturday, February 13th 2016 at 19:00 GMT Graion Dilach will once again join me on my channel on twitch as we will be showcasing the first playable test version of Attacque Supérior.
We will discuss the changes as well as see if the Fan Favorite match will end as it usually does.

I present a nice countdown
And I hope to see you all then!

OpenRA's progress with the Red Alert 2 mod
February 04, 2016 - 19:41
The OpenRA developpers have been working hard to bring the Red Alert 2 universe to the OpenRA game engine. They've recently shared a couple of videos that shows its progress. Although there are a lot of unfinished features (i.e.: Chrono Miner isn't chrono yet), they already have something playable. In the long soviet gameplay video below the player had to cheat to survive. Check out both videos:

Allied gameplay:

Soviet gameplay:

For more information, head to OpenRA's Website. And remember that you can already play the Dune2k, Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1 mods with OpenRA, by downloading it from OpenRA's website.

DTA - January updates!
January 30, 2016 - 20:59
We've jump-started the new year this month with 3 updates for DTA. We've included new features, gameplay fixes, additional maps and new toys for mappers.

Over the last 2 years we've got multiple requests for LAN multiplayer support. Thanks to CnCNet's great performance I didn't consider it important enough, but a group of donators managed to convince me otherwise and so, this often-requested feature has now been implemented. Since it was implemented only recently and it's difficult to test LAN alone, it works but is still in a somewhat beta state. So, if you spot any bugs, be sure to report them so I'll be able to fix them!

Our client's looks have also got an overhaul in the latest update, in all themes. We've ditched the standard Windows borders to make room for our own, in all windows except for the game lobby. The default theme only has a 1-pixel silver border in all windows, but the change is more significant in the Classic theme and the Soviet and Allied themes. You can enable these themes in the game options menu.

If you've played DTA, you might've got annoyed by a certain bug. Units that automatically fired at enemies went to chase after those enemies when the enemies got out of the units' firing range. It was common to see your artillery heading into the enemy base because of this bug, even when you didn't order them to do so. This bug has been plaguing the TS engine for 16 years, but thanks to AlexB, it is now fixed. You can now rely on your long-range units staying where you ordered them to stay.

AlexB also fixed another bug of less importance, namely that if you capture all sides' production facilities on a naval map, DTA would crash. This is because the game engine cannot handle more than 75 icons on the sidebar, and would crash when the limit was exceeded. Now, instead of crashing, the game simply won't show more than 75 icons. This means that you can now safely have control of all 4 factions' technology on naval maps.

I mentioned new toys for mappers. These are paved roads, pavement additions, new trains, a huge crater and more ice floes. Of these, the most significant are the pavement additions and new paved roads; as you can see above, they allow us to create much better looking cities.

And there can't be a chain of DTA updates without new maps, right? During this month we've added one new Co-Op mission (Ally Under Siege) and one new standard multiplayer map (Coastal Path Revisited).

Aside from that, we've improved the smoothness of the CnCNet lobby and fixed half a dozen issues in maps, some of them more serious than others. You can view the full change log of our updates (the latest 3 and everything before them) on our change log page.
You can download the latest version from our download page if you don't already have DTA installed; if you do have it installed, the client will automatically download and install the latest update for you.

We hope these updates will give you lots of fun when you command and conquer the battlefield this year. See you there!

CnCD2K 2.8.5 has been released!
January 26, 2016 - 05:23
CnCD2K 2.8.5 has been released! Despite the D2K in the name, you won't find much of Dune universe in this game. It actually extends Yuri's Revenge with new factions such as GLA and The Order of the Pets, with an arsenal of some really angry animals at your disposal.

This new version brings a new campaign mission, fake buildings and a couple of extra things. Here's the official change log, when compared to 2.8.4:

   Added CotP Mission 5 - Operation Airstrike.
   Added Fake War Factory, Fake Battle Lab, Fake Gap Gen/Propaganda Tower/Psychic Tower and Fake MCVs for all gamemodes.
   Added also Fake Shipyards and Fake Radars as RA1 Gamemode only.
   Added Allied, Soviet and Yuri Gates for both directions.
   Added Loadscreen for CotP Missions too.
   Updated Ares.dll to lastest unstable build of 0.B.
   Added FAKE text for Fake Buildings also added ability to spy them to find out they are fake or not.
   Incrased Technicans' Damage and Range.
   Added ability to spy silos (all mods) and refineries (only ra1 mod, in others still steals money) to see enemy money.
   Fixed CY V-12 is not trainable.
   Fixed Furry can't Self Heal.
   Fixed spy units in Unholy Alliance Gamemode, but broken them in Hero War.

And also a video of the new Campaign of the Pets mission:

Head here to download this new version and discuss the mod at its official Forums at PPM.

A new update for the Tiberian Sun Client has been released!

    Version 4.01 (January 24, 2016):
  • Added: LAN multiplayer support (Credits: Rampastring)
  • Fixed: Units will no longer aggressively chase enemy units automatically (Credits: AlexB)
  • Fixed: Updater and custom component settings sometimes displayed "Cannot configure while connected to CnCNet" even when you weren't connected to CnCNet (Credits: Rampastring)
  • Fixed: The client has been optimized to work better with the GameSurge multiplayer servers (Credits: Rampastring)
  • Improved: The game will no longer crash when there's more than 75 buildable objects, instead additional objects will be hidden (Credits: AlexB)
  • Changed: The Statistics, Map Editor and Credits buttons have been moved under a new "Extras" menu (Credits: Rampastring, Bittah Commander)

Play Tiberian Sun by downloading the latest version of the Client at this link.

CnCD2K 2.8.4 has been released
January 12, 2016 - 05:42
MustaphaTR has released the latest version (2.8.4) of CnCD2K a week ago. Although it has "D2K" in the name, it has nothing to do with Dune 2000 and you won't find Atreides, Harkonen or Ordos in this mod. This modification includes some new factions like the GLA and even an Order of Pets, among with new missions and much more.

Here's the changelog:


   Fixed RA2 Allied Mission 12 doesn't end, this time really.
   Fixed Fun Mission 3 crashes on start.
   Added Fun Mission 4 - Operation: Unholy Alliance
   Added New gamemode, Timer Travel.
   Added New gamemode, Unholy Alliance.
   Fixed FHLs of some units.
   Added some more repairable Rubbles.
   Repairable Rubbles now doesn't show their healthbars.
   Some prerequisite tweaks about requiring own Radar/Tech or any Radar/Tech.
   Added Placeholder LoadScreens for GLA, Soviets and Allies for missions with no LoadScreen.

And here's a glimpse of an angry Order of Pets, check one of the campaign missions below:

For more information about this mod, visit its Forums at PPM and its ModDB Profile. Head here to download CnCD2K 2.8.4.

Hello everyone! As I've mentioned in the Happy 2016, from PPM! news post, we are looking to improve our community news coverage. And, in order to do that, we are offering a new service here:

The Unnoficial News Forum Hosting

-> What is it?

This is a service offered for mods that stands as a subforum that imports content from RSS feeds. Basically, PPM News Reporter will import your news posts twice a day, allowing members of this forum to discuss them here and your mod releases to be quickly promoted to through our frontpage and news tracker.

-> How does it work?

We will create a new category in our forums between Pre-Alpha Projects and Inactive Projects that will be called Community Projects. This category will have one subforum for each mod covered with the authorization of the mod leader. Twice a day, our server will fetch information from the RSS feeds related to each mod, adapting their content as new topics in the forums. It works in a similar way as seen at VXLSE III's SVN News Feeds. The mod leader will be able to moderate the forums, post news of his(her) own if (s)he desires to do so and edit the posts from the news bot. Forum members will be able to post replies and discuss the news, but they won't post new topics there.

-> What are the requirements?

Your mod needs to have at least one RSS feed and it needs to be approved by me. ModDB offers a couple of RSS feeds by default. Revora may export forum contents as RSS if you request the administrators there. Most new IPB forums may export RSS feeds, etc...

-> Why is it good for mods?

It catches a new public in a quite quick way with little to no effort at all (since the news posts will be here automatically). Posts with mod releases might be promoted to our frontpage. Our news tracker will also catch news about your mod. It will also be good to make PPM more active.

-> Is it open to every project?

Technically yes, although we will start slow. Converting RSS feeds for phpBB's BB code and bringing external news into PPM forums requires some adaptation and constant attention. We'll have a RSS feed in our end that will convert your RSS feed into something that will be appropriate to this place. So, that requires some effort from my end (not yours). This is why we are starting slowly, being tempted to priorize projects that are more popular in first place.

- How do I get an unofficial news forum for my project?

Post a reply in this news post asking for an unofficial news forum for your project and we'll discuss everything else with private messages.